Prayer for a Child in the Womb

Prayer for Child in the womb

Dear Lord, you are the giver of all life. We thank you for this child. Whatever the circumstances surrounding this new life, this child has been given its very life by you and it is already a reflection of your image and likeness in a most unique way.

Although the formation of this child in the womb is unseen to our natural eyes at this time, we know that you are taking care to make sure that each and every detail of this child is a perfect addition to our family. Lord you alone are good, we ask that you pour your Heavenly grace into this child so that he or she may touch the lives of those who do not believe in your mercy and love. May this child be a true reflection of You to the world.

Father in Heaven, we ask that you send all of the angels necessary to guard and protect this life that you have entrusted to us. Jesus Christ, we believe that you died on the cross for us and for this child, may we be ever grateful for your sacrifice and trust in the Will of God that reigns over this child. Holy Spirit, breathe life into this child now and forever so that the life of this child will bring about the building up of your Kingdom.

Lord, we believe and trust in your most holy Will for this child. Whether or not this child lives a moment in this world, we know that he or she will for all of eternity be a part of our family. This child will be named, loved, honored and remembered by our family so that we may learn to respect and glorify each and every gift of life that is given to us.

Mother Mary, we pray and ask your intercession for all those who find it hard to accept this child for whatever reason. Through your intercession, may their hearts be gently softened as you reveal to them the glory of your Son, Jesus Christ, through the pure existence, purpose and destiny of this child. Mary, we unite our hearts with yours as we entrust this pregnancy to you and consecrate this child to you.