Prayer on the occasion of the Death of a Family Member

Prayer on the occasion of the Death of a Family Member

O Lord, I cry out to you from the depths of my suffering. 

I am in a valley as dark as night, I have endured the reality of death whose shadow hovers over me. 

I am afraid I may never see the light of day. 

Fear and even anger penetrate my soul. 

Sorrow envelopes me making it hard for me to even breathe. 

Where shall I go, to whom shall I turn? 

I come to you O God in all of my pain and brokenness feeling completely alone. 

I ask you Lord, in my misery to fill me with the hope of your Resurrection. 

I have lost one that I love. 

Help me to trust that you are holding and purifying (Name). 

I pray that your merciful arms are wrapped around him/her. 

Reach into the abyss I am in and teach me to place my hope in you so that I will be able to move out from the darkness of this loss and into the light of your mercy and love.

Jesus, I trust in your promise of mercy that I may one day see (Name) again. 

I ask with all sincerity that you hold me in the palm of your hand in this very moment.

Walk beside me through this valley and lead me back to a place of joy again. 

Have mercy on me Lord, a sinner. 

I can do nothing more than lay myself at your feet. 

Jesus, I trust in you! 

In the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit, Amen.