Prayer for a Wayward Child

Prayer for a Wayward Child

Dear God, You are the author of all life. Father, You created our child (name), body and soul. The Holy Spirit breathed life into (name) at the moment of conception. The Son Jesus Christ has redeemed (name). Blessed Trinity, You have given this child to us as pure gift so that we may care for him/her and ultimately lead him/her into relationship with You. 

Merciful Father, we implore You to pour Your mercy out upon (name). Father forgive him/her for he/she knows not what he/she does. May our prayers and sacrifices, united to Christ and perfected in His image, be lifted up to You as a perfect offering on behalf of our child. May these prayers also be laid before the Most Immaculate Heart of Mary so that she may intercede on behalf of (name). Lord, we trust that You will not deny a request of Your Mother Mary and so we entrust our child to her completely. 

We ask that you send angels in sufficient rank, number, power and authority to fight any demons off of and away from (name) so that in this very moment, the Holy Spirit may come down upon him/her, interrupting his/her day, and convict his/her heart. May the loving touch of Your Heavenly grace enable him/her to turn back to You once and for all. 

Lord, as parents and guardians of (name), we consecrate him/her to the Sacred Heart of Jesus, through the Immaculate Heart of Mary and the Guardian Heart of St Joseph. Jesus, Mary and Joseph, help us all to persevere in faith, hope, and love. Merciful Jesus, we trust in You