Meditation on the Holy Face of Jesus

Gazing upon the Holy Face of Jesus

Look upon the Holy Face of Jesus

O how he loves you

How he has been waiting for you

He sees you

He sees your loved ones, those you are most worried about, those you lift up in prayer to him

He sees your station in life

He sees your situation, all you have been through, and all you are going through right now

He sees you in your entirety

He sees all that you are, all that you’ve done, and all that he hopes for you to do

His eyes are the eyes of gentleness, 

of kindness, 

of forgiveness, 

of perfect charity

Behind his gaze is Our Heavenly Father who is all powerful, all knowing and all loving

Coming from his Most Holy Face is the Holy Breath of Christ

The same breath that he shared with you upon your creation

The same breath he shared with you at your Baptism

The same breath he strengthened you with at your Confirmation

This Holy Breath of Christ is what sustains you now and always

Allow him to breathe upon you now

Close your eyes and breathe in the Holy Breath of Christ

Invite the Holy Spirit in

This Spirit that lives and moves between you and Jesus 

Take a deep breath in

Allow it to completely fill your lungs

And then imagine the breath of Christ flowing throughout your entire body

healing your wounds

restoring your hope

Now talk to Jesus from this place

He already knows your heart’s deepest longings, for he placed those longings into your heart

Speak to him as your best friend

Be honest with him in this moment

Then reverence the silence as you wait for his response

=== Silence ===

Your faith is a gift from God

In exchange for trust in him, He gives you the gift of faith

Trust even in the darkness

Even in the uncertainties

Even in the pain

Speak these words now: “Jesus I trust in you”