Prayer for Aging Parents

Prayer for Aging Parents 

God the Father of Heaven and earth you gave us a command to honor our mother and father. In this season of life with an aging parent, this command takes on a newer, deeper meaning.

Lord, my parents are growing old and their bodies and minds are failing. The ones who gave of themselves to care for me and lead me, I am now caring for and leading. Strengthen me in the cardinal virtues of fortitude, temperance, prudence and justice so that I may breathe the life of your Spirit into them and all of the people we encounter on this journey.

Lord, each new day can bring an additional suffering for my parents. I struggle as I watch and try to care for them. Stay with me Lord and help me to see your beauty despite the messiness of the situation day in and day out. Show me how to always honor their dignity. Unite our sufferings to your cross and turn it into grace.

Lord Jesus, you placed me in the care of my parents.  May I be a true gift to them. May my daily care for them always be a gift to you. May the Holy Spirit dwell amongst us as they near the end of their life in this world and may they die a happy death protected and provided for by you. 

Help me to surrender every day with my parents to you so that we may be led by you in all future decisions and crossroads that come our way. I beg you to sustain me always in the daily trials and teach me to love as you love. I ask this in the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit. Amen.