Prayer for My Spouse

Prayer for my Spouse

Lord Jesus Christ my Savior, I offer this prayer for my spouse. May (name)’s heart always be open to your Holy Spirit so that he/she be made holy by you Lord. Help me Lord to always uplift (name). Help me to see his/her gifts, the gifts you yourself bestowed upon him/her. Let me not get stuck in anger, bitterness or sorrow towards (name).

May all the Saints in heaven pray for us. Let not the devil divide our household. Send angels of sufficient rank, number, power and authority to our home to surround it and prevent any evil from entering our home or our hearts.

Where there is unforgiveness, heal us and show us how to extend mercy towards one another, as you extended mercy towards us from the cross. Where I see an unmovable mountain in our relationship, pick it up and move it as the miracle worker you are. Guard our purity, let nothing defile our hearts, minds or bodies which are made for covenant with one another as a free gift. Keep our hearts always pure for one another.

Protect always our marriage union. Where there is any division between us, may we be reunited in love and strengthened through the power of forgiveness. May we both seek to know Your Will, and choose it over and over again, in the same way the Blessed Virgin Mary and Saint Joseph did throughout their lives. Lord, I ask that my spouse and I will remain united together as a living sanctuary of your love that brings forth the Kingdom of God on earth as it is in heaven.

I ask this in the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit. Amen.