Prayer for the Healing of the Priesthood

Prayer for the Healing of the Priesthood

Lord Jesus, in your love and mercy we ask from the depths of our souls for the healing of the ministerial priesthood. Purge from this ministry the abomination of sin that has infected some of its members and raise up holy priests. We desire to be led in the Truth. We desire to be protected from the enemy. We desire to be led by true shepherds.

We ask Our Lady, who crushed the head of Satan, to gather each priest in her mantle and lead them to examine their wounds and remain on the path of complete purification in this life. May our Blessed Mother intercede on their behalf so that they will receive full healing and restoration. May the Holy Spirit lift them to the glory of God. 

Lord, we ask that you send Angels of sufficient rank, number, power and authority to do battle for our priests who have been called by you to do your most holy will. Arm them with your truth to resist the evil one who is trying to steal, kill and destroy what you made for good. Impart upon each priest the love that pours from your Sacred Heart and renew their minds through the power of the Holy Spirit poured out upon their office. 

Jesus, reveal to all priests how they are anointed sons of the Heavenly Father. May the love you poured out upon them in their ordination be a blessing that continually preserves them in humility and trust in You. Bring to light their purpose and gifts as spiritual fathers to their flock, so that they will never cease working to reconcile each one of us to God and to the Church.

Lord Jesus, your ministerial priesthood is the conduit of the Kingdom of God on earth as it is in heaven. We ask that you raise up holy priests to do battle on behalf of the Church. Armed with the rosary, may we all band together and learn to fight intelligently our true enemy, who is the devil himself. We ask this in the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit. Amen.