A mother’s heart


I have been fighting a personal battle that was written about here.

About veilofveronica

I am a mother and wife as well as an RCIA and Adult Faith Formation catechist at a parish in the south. I have 3 children and a great husband.
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14 Responses to A mother’s heart

  1. 1Irish says:

    I’m praying for you! Love you!

  2. Roxanne Carrasco says:

    Susan, please listen to John-Michael Talbot on YouTube singing,The Battle Belongs to the Lord. Take courage my friend, you are not alone. I place you in Our Lady’s Heart. Our Lord’s greatest wounds came from His very own. Job ‘s friends also accused him….St. Teresa of Avila complained to the Lord regarding friendship….. You are in great company. Your heart like Our Lady’s heart has been pierced so that the thoughts of many can be revealed (Simeon’s prophecy). I keep you in my prayers. In Christ Jesus,

  3. Roxanne Carrasco says:

    Dear Susan, you are in great company: St. Teresa of Avila complained about friendship; Job’s friends accused him and Our Lord’s most impressive wounds came from His very own. Your heart is pierced so that the hearts of many can be revealed (prophecy of Simeon). Please listen to John-Michael Talbot sing, The Battle belongs to the Lord. Today’s mass readings encourage us not to grow weary. I keep you in my prayers and will lift you up during my Adoration on Monday. In Christ, Roxanne Carrasco

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  4. I just opened a fortune cookie and this is what it said:
    Everything you add to the truth, takes away from the truth.
    How true! Praying for you and your community. Keep up the good fight! God bless!

  5. PrayerPartner says:

    Stand strong and continue to speak out and post. We are with you in strength and support. I know you believe and trust that God has a plan. He does-and right will win in the end. Prayers for your comfort and strength to you and your son.

  6. Dear Susan,
    You and your loved ones are in my prayers. We are being wounded for standing up for what is right. We are being wounded because our children matter much. Thanks so much for your prayers for me and my family. They have been very powerful. My son is healing well and back to being his cheery self. And through this trial, my husband and I found solace in Christ’s Wounds.

  7. Carol teves says:

    Your story is very inspiring and I can only hope that I can be as courageous and strong as you if ever I find myself in a situation like yours. I will pray for you.

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