The Two headed Monster

two headed snake

A thief comes only to steal and slaughter and destroy; I came so that they might have life and have it more abundantly. John 10:10

I have often thought about the prophetic words of Humanae Vitae about birth control.   How once we, as Christians, accepted the ideology that birth control was fine, our society started rapidly degenerating.  The number of abortions in the world are more than all the other deaths in the world combined.  And why, because once we decided we can have sex and divorce it from it’s procreative purpose, children became something very unexpected and unwanted.  And what do you do with unexpected unwanted things, you discard them.  Abortion is the logical conclusion to birth control, as shown by the fact that more than half the women who have abortions are on birth control when they get pregnant.

Birth Control and Abortion are a two headed monster.  But both give birth to even more society damaging trends.  Sex trafficking, pornography, divorce, pre-marital sex, prostitution, molestation, etc.  Though these things have always existed, the advent of birth control, and abortion coupled with technology have made all of this explode astronomically.  People are able to dehumanize another, without the consequences of a child.  We have bought into the Father of lies.

The thief comes to steal,  he has stolen our fertility convincing us it is a disease to be fixed with a pill.  The thief comes to slaughter, he has convinced us to dehumanize our children in the womb by murdering them.  The thief comes to destroy,  he is destroying our culture of life by destroying the foundation of society, the family.  But Jesus came so that we might have life.  Turn your hearts back to Jesus, and reject the father of lies.

I want to share with you what I wrote in my journal on May 3.  I was at May crowning, and this just poured into my head;

May 3, 2017

Feast of St. Philip and St. James


The greatest evil of your time is birth control.  You have separated that act of love from springing forth life.  You have denigrated womanhood. 

When my Holy Mother birthed me, she did not feel the pain of my birth because we were both without blemish.  But because she is united with me and I AM, she felt the pain of childbirth of all Mothers.  She felt what sin had done.  But she felt too the love of creation.  The love that Mothers have for their children.  She recognized this love as the great self-sacrificing love.  She was surrounded in light and by the hosts of heaven, she was living in the Will of the Father.  Motherhood and Fatherhood mirroring the love of the Trinity. 

And as St. Ignatius said, the first person I appeared to at the Resurrection was my Mother.  She walked the way of sorrow with me and was filled with the joy of Divine Will.  She would be the first to know of my Resurrection.  Her Assumption, like my Ascension, are borne out of the Divine Will.  Body and Soul in harmony and glorified.

Because mankind is trying to eradicate suffering, they are actually eradicating true love.  Self-sacrificing love.  Not to exist is an abomination against love.  This is what birth control does.   Existence was created out of the love of the Divine will.  It is a mercy to exist.  Because you have tried to eradicate suffering, mankind’s cross will actually get heavier.  The only way to lighten the burden is to empty yourself back to me.  You see, the only way back to complete union with the Divine Will is through the cross.  Exactly like me. 

If you empty of your will, I make the yoke easy, and the burden light.  All will suffer, but if your eyes are on me and your will is in my hands, abandoned to me, you can receive.  Like I told St. Philip, if you are in me, and I am in the Father, I will show you the Father, because he is in me, and your will will be one with His.  We will supplant your will with ours.  And you will be amazed.  Have no fear.


-The Divine Spouse

Please remember this is not a condemnation of those who have fallen into these kinds of sins.  It is a call to conversion, a call to change, to recognize how much God loves you and to realize that nothing you have done cannot be overcome by the love of God.

About veilofveronica

I am a mother and wife as well as an RCIA and Adult Faith Formation catechist at a parish in the south. I have 3 children and a great husband.
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4 Responses to The Two headed Monster

  1. Marie says:

    Susan, this is very true and beautifully expressed.

    One day it struck me like a bolt of lightning….those who deliberately separate the conjugal act from its procreative purpose ARE PREVENTING THE ETERNAL EXISTENCE OF COUNTLESS SOULS GOD HAD DESTINED FOR HEAVEN…..TO ENJOY HIM FOR ALL ETERNITY!

    These souls have been deprived of ever existing, so that one day they might bask in the glory of God, the Beatific Vision of God for all Eternity.

    And…conversely, married couples have the awesome power to grant heaven to immortal beings by saying “Yes” to life and bringing them into existence – co-creating with God! It’s incredible….married couples decide who will exist for an eternity!

    I, too, have reflected on the devastation which birth control has wrought in the world. It has thrown God’s plan completely out of balance. It’s the reason, even, for the economic imbalance in our society. There are no longer enough of the younger generations to support the elderly who can no longer work.

    God told the human race: “Be fruitful and multiply….”

    And if we seek the Divine Will, as else shall be added unto us…..

  2. Mary says:

    I have read and gained much from your writings. Sometimes I have felt speak to me specifically through your blogs. But I just wanted to mention one small thing in your above writing. When many years ago my mother mentioned to me that our Lady wouldn’t have experienced the pain of childbirth as it was a curse from the original sin committed by the first parents. The birth of our Lord is unlike the birth of other humans. Later in my life, when I read the poem of the man God , it seems to reflect the same. The pain of child birth She faced was a spiritual one. It was physical too to a certain degree but it is not similar to other childbirth as His conception did not carry the curse of the original sin. Rather it was to break the curse. Thank you.

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