When Jesus Comes Again


“Then comes the end, when he hands over the kingdom to his God and Father, when he has destroyed every sovereignty and every authority and power.  For he must reign until he has put all his enemies under his feet. The last enemy to be destroyed is death, for “he subjected everything under his feet.” But when it says that everything has been subjected, it is clear that it excludes the one who subjected everything to him.When everything is subjected to him, then the Son himself will [also] be subjected to the one who subjected everything to him, so that God may be all in all.” 1 Corinthians 24-28

So these are the posts I very much dislike.  God seems to be speaking to me about His second coming.  I know very little about eschatology and the second coming.  I post this because I felt God compel me to speak about it.  Every time I pick up a book to read about these things, I just cannot seem to get through it.  Like God is telling me, STOP.  JUST LISTEN.  So I stop, and I just listen.  If the church came out tomorrow and said all I have written is wrong, I would agree, and take down my writing.  I write what pops into my head in prayer as a letter from God.  I will share with you what He spoke to me today.  What I can most glean from what He says to me is that we are not in the end times.  We have work to do, for our own souls and for future generations.  Too many things haven’t happened for it to be the end times.  I will relay what he spoke to me;


I have told you when I will return.  I came to destroy the works of the devil.  I will hand over the kingdom to my Father when the works of the devil are destroyed.  Every sovereignty and authority under my foot.  That happens when the foot of each human being created in my image and likeness steps on the head of the serpent and domain is restored to where the Father had given it.  Restoration to the Divine Will.  Your Divinization.  A new heaven and a new earth.  The 7th covenant.  Resting in ME.  Resting in MY WILL.  All things a movement towards this, creating the 8th day.  Resurrection of the Body, world without end.  A new beginning.  When this is accomplished it is because I have reached the 4 corners of the earth.  The tribulation you are in is part of the plan, but not the end.  Keep watch.  
There are some among you who will betray.  There are some who will deny.  There are many who will run away.  But behold, I make all things new and work all things for the good OF THOSE WHO LOVE ME.  Many will weep bitterly.
Look upon my HOLY FACE and KNOW what TRUE LOVE IS.  
SHALOM I say to you.
Peace that surpasses understanding. 
Pay attention to the skies.
Pay attention to the maps.
Locations where I have placed my people. 
I have BREATHED UPON YOU, and my spirit rests upon you.  
The ARK carries you.
Cling to her the way a babe clings to his mother in the dark of night.
I have chosen you for these times. 
I love you and you are mine.
Pray for perseverance.
Pray for Nashville.
Pray for your Bishop.
Pray for your Priest (a specific one)
 – Your Divine Spouse
There are a few things I want to say about what I have written here.  The first is that we know there were 6 covenants in the bible.  The first was Adam and Eve and the covenant was marriage, Noah was the family, Abraham was the tribe, Moses was the nation, David was the Kingdom, and Jesus’ was for the world.  But we also know 6 is an incomplete number.  The number of completion is 7.  On the 7th day He rested.  We should rest, in the bosom of the Lord.  Everything is a movement back to the Divine Will.  It is a story of Love that God has written.  It is an infusion of Heaven and earth, the way it was before the fall.  We are not there yet.  In fact, we are quite far from there.  Only God knows when we will be there.  But the journey for us is to do the work in front of us, being obedient to God.
I had a moment today.  It was a memory of Eva before she passed away.  She had told me back then she died on the table, she felt the other side.  She said it’s all about forgiveness.  I wept in the hallway at work today at the recollection of this memory.  This is the focus of what we do in deliverance ministry.  We teach people to truly forgive.   It really is all about forgiveness.  Christ will come again when we put our foot on the devil’s head, all of us.  And we do that through Baptism into His Kingdom, living the Sacramental Life, but most of all by forgiving others like Christ did.  This kind of forgiveness is really a Divine Infusion of Grace.  This kind of love, this kind of charity is a gift that we cannot gain on our own.  It is only through God.  It is why I pray for the illumination of conscience.  I pray for this, because this is where we will all see mercy; How we need it, and how we should give it.  Christ is making great Saints.  Saints for a time to dispel the confusion.
This Lent I will focus on the Holy Face of Jesus and ask for the Divine Grace to always forgive as he forgives.

About veilofveronica

I am a mother and wife as well as an RCIA and Adult Faith Formation catechist at a parish in the south. I have 3 children and a great husband.
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17 Responses to When Jesus Comes Again

  1. Anne says:

    my understanding is we are moving full circle back to how Adam and Eve did before the Fall. We are in a moment before the Eucharistic reign of Christ where we live centred on Christ so much has to be purified… People. … A purified church and world. We will live in a period for some time…only God knows how long…. … In a time of Holiness….. The end times are later. To live in the time where the teachings of the Books of Heaven are lived we have to be purified. Forgive …. Forget the past…. Move into the New.
    That is my understanding…. Could be wrong.

    • That’s basically what I feel him tell me. And when we get wrapped up in “end times” we live in anxiety and lose sight of him. What He shows me is beautiful and hard to explain.

  2. Anne says:

    Must add….. Heard a person involved in Divine Will teachings say..”..the opposite of peace is not war… It is confusion. ”
    Man has forgotten his identity…. His purpose.
    We need an illumination!!

  3. Lucy says:

    May God arise ! May His enemies be scattered ! May those who hate Him flee from before His Eucharistic Face !

  4. MLogan says:

    I believe you. It is a fantasy to think we will be “raptured” from the hard work before us. Our work is to do the will of God and that takes a whole lot of grace. It takes people like you who seek God’s will, and act upon it. It sometimes seems like a daunting process until I realize it is really a work of love and love is sweeter than hate, bitterness and everything else. Thankful for my family in Christ with its support and encouragement. Thank you 🙏

  5. I accept this. These are not the end times. That said, I concur with a few seers who have said that we are in / nearing the end of a specific period in time, but not the end of the world. God has shown me a few things but I’ve never been shown the end, what it would look like etc. In my few experiences, I’ve always been shown what needs to be navigated, to be suffered, what needs to be done.
    You’re right, Susan. There’s so much to be done. And the now holds great sway over the future.

  6. Lucy says:

    Today’s First Reading speaks of the difference between God’s blessing and curse. In the same way, the Face of God expels and scatters his enemies, like a curse…yet , the Face of God is equally the sign of awesome blessing and gathering for his friends, one that actually seals and marks them as His Children !
    The LORD said to Moses:
    Speak to Aaron and his sons and tell them:
    This is how you shall bless the Israelites. Say to them:
    The LORD bless you and keep you!
    The LORD let his FACE shine upon you, and be gracious to you!
    The LORD look upon you kindly and give you peace!
    So shall they invoke my name upon the Israelites, and I will bless them.
    I sense , Susan, that the Holy Spirit is inviting us through you right now to focus our attention on this great and powerful, supernatural paradox of the Holy Face during the present spiritual “journey” of Lent ! Indeed, it is The Pattern for how God moves along in parallel communion with His People, during every major transitional “journey” (Pasch) of Salvation History, in order to gain victory over the enemies , who are sin and death. This is positively vital information for us,now, today….why , how and where we should SEEK THE FACE OF GOD….during Lent especially.
    In Scripture, we learn that every time God’s People moved camp or headed out in battle against the enemies of God…they “processed” the Ark of the Covenant before them, and God’s Presence would be a protecting Pillar of Fire and a Cloud of Glory (fore and aft ) , just like He had done for them on the flight from Egypt …and just like He would later do under the authority of Joshua.
    Reading from Numbers, chapter 10 v. 33 -36 and Numbers , chapter 6 v. 22-27, we see how God
    seems to work in mysterious ways of paradox, where His Presence is both blessing and curse.
    We learn that Joshua became the next leader after Moses died. His task was pivotal: to lead the People into the Promised Land. When we investigate the reason why God might have chosen Joshua to lead the people instead of someone else, we discover a very telling clue: Joshua was the guy who did not want to leave the Tent of Meeting (Eucharistic Adoration of our time…) and he would sit for long hours alone with God in the Tent, when Moses had left to speak to the people. We can surmise that if Moses’ face was so utterly radiant that the people asked him to cover it so they would not be blinded by the glory radiating from it…. then …we can hardly fathom what the face of Joshua must have been like ! No doubt his face was fully transfigured by the Glory of God ! I like to think of Joshua as the First Perpetual Eucharistic Adorer …
    When we are called one day in the future, known only to God the Father….like Jonah, we will lift camp and set out on the Journey of the Final Evangelization of the Great City of Ninevah ( a “city” so vastly enormous, that it takes some 3 days to traverse it) . It will look very much like a “fusion” of the Book of Exodus and the Acts of the Apostles, except it will be far more reduced in time (for the sake of the Elect, because we could not endure 40 years of it ) . The Gospel Pattern indicates through Christ our Head that this time of ultimate evangelization for His Mystical Body would be 3 years.
    What will it look like, the Crossing of Ninevah? Our words and gestures will be like those proclaimed by the first Christians: ” Repent and be baptized in the Name of Jesus Christ for the forgiveness of your sins and you will receive the Gift of the Holy Spirit !” (Acts 2). Like Jonah, God has asked us to serve in the Field Hospital. Few have said yes to observing the Weightier Provisions of the Law (Matt. 23:23) . Like Jonah, we will be given a second chance to say yes! , when God “visits” us during what many call the Illumination/Warning event.
    How can we prepare for the Crossing of Ninevah? We must avail ourselves to the awesome Graces of the reconciling Spirit of Elijah, just as the Baptist preceded the First Coming of Christ. This Spirit of Elijah is already here and working in our world through the many souls who preach and minister Healing and Deliverance. All of this must come first, in order to prepare God’s People for the Final Evangelization, aka the Crossing of Ninevah.
    One of the most essential “tools” of Evangelization will be the same one God has always used : the human FACE. Just as His Word is needed, so our very faces will be the Sign of God’s Blessing (or Cursing). Like Joshua, the more time we can spend in the Tent of Meeting right now, the more efficacious God’s Presence will become in us, so that we become truly THEOPHORES, carriers or bearers of God’s Light and Life and Truth. As the Veil thins more and more during the present times of distress we are in , this mysterious and paradoxical grace of His Presence is being revealed in his People.
    Saint Paul refers to the END of this future time of Evangelization as the Universal Restoration (Acts 3). It follows then , that before the time of Universal Restoration comes, must first come a form of Universal Destruction. Presently, we might say that we are in a slow-motion time of demolition , as we witness the crumbling of all structures that hold up human civilization: Financial, Social, Political and Religious. The crumbling will lead to a time of more complete destruction, so that the rebuilding can begin. Not all “buildings” are chosen for demolition, but only those whose “inner structure” has been tested and proven to be rotten and unstable. That is why God is permitting the testing and proving of his People now, to see what lies beneath the facade of our civilisation.
    So YES, there is MUCH WORK to be done on the people and the places that make up God’s Creation, so that all things would once again “hold together” in Christ alone (Colossians) . But like Jonah, our initial “no ! ” will hopefully become a bold “yes ! ” when God visits us in a transformative event of Light and Life and Truth, exactly like he did for Saul. Any work we can do now, during this Lenten Journey, to RECONCILE our hearts and minds to God will make us better-prepared as servants during the final evangelization of “Ninevah”.

    May His Eucharistic Face shine up you, upon your family, your home, your neighborhood, your city, your state and your nation.
    May His Radiance cast out every shadow of worldliness from your heart and mind, that you may firmly set yourself apart for the Godly work of calling down His Blessing upon every face and every place your gaze beholds.
    May His Eucharistic Radiance, now ever-visible upon your own visage, bless this world and bring forth victory for the Glory of His Name: SHALOM !

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  8. Anne says:

    Very interesting Lucy. Are you shown this in Adoration?

  9. Lucy says:

    Yes. Sometimes during a Rosary. Sometimes at Mass. Most of the time, at Adoration. This has been a long process of understanding, one that began almost 20 years ago and culminated in the writing of the Sign of Jonah in 2013, which I finally posted at WordPress in 2016 because of the prompting of my present Spiritual Director. (This said, I think it is far better for these texts to be presented orally in person rather than in writing) That is how the Lord gathered together many years of personal revelation, all under one “heading”. As time progressed, I was given understanding of the “patterns” found in human history, in Sacred Scripture (the Paschal Mystery) , in natural law (storms and childbirth) and in supernatural law. There is a perfect Unity in all of Creation, such that when the Lord desires to cause change, he does so both “suddenly” (there is always a breaking point ) and “progressively” ( in stages) . The principal guide is always Sacred Scripture, through which the Lord speaks first and foremost , in order to confirm and affirm a particular subject of understanding. I always go to Adoration with the Bible open on my lap, in case the Lord desires to speak . Usually, the writing down of thoughts comes later, sometimes days or even weeks or months later…when the Holy Spirit is ready. Something that comes from the Spirit of God seems to be “burned” rather permanently into the mind and heart, and so mercifully, one does not ever need to “panic” and run to write things down ! Through Spiritual Direction, it was also suggested to me over the years to seek confirmation and affirmation of ideas in a specific text from such and such Saint’s writings, or a particular passage of the CCC or other important works of the Church. It is only now that the time has come to share the Sign of Jonah more broadly, because souls are becoming more and more “open” to the Pascal Mystery actually unfolding in our midst. Fear , Confusion and Disbelief are the main obstacles for us all whenever we encounter something difficult to fathom. The most important thing is always the same, just like Susan reminds us so very often here : GOD IS ALWAYS GOOD. GOD IS IN CONTROL . HE LOVES US. HE WANTS TO RESCUE US FROM OURSELVES. He has no desire to destroy. Only the desire to SAVE US…and to encourage us to TRUST IN HIM ALONE.
    Have a very Blessed Lenten Journey , Anne !

  10. Anne says:

    Thank you for your quick and clear reply,Lucy! Yes…. Pray… And very importantly, listen. He wants us to be guided by the Holy Spirit. Today, a friend whose deafness has really increased says she feels invisible. Can’t really join in conversations much. I have a had several things happen to me especially over the last few months and I feel invisible. Later today another friend said she feels the same… Invisible. I realized how we are becoming much more hidden…. But Our Lady was hidden. I think the little ones are becoming very little …. Relying not on things of this world but the Holy Spirit. It is a process. May the Holy Spirit continue spoiling you with graces this Lent, Lucy! Thank you , your reply has helped me.

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