Ann Vucic – Conversion Talk on Medjugorje

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Little children, I wish that all people convert and see me and my son, Jesus, in you. I will intercede for you and help you to become the light. In helping the other, your soul will also find salvation.”  alleged message from Our Lady Queen of Peace – Medjugorje May 25, 1996

My friend Ann Vucic came to visit and gave a talk at my parish.

Ann Vucic was born in a little village two miles from Medjugorge, Bosnia-Herzegovina (place of alleged Marian apparitions since 1981). Her family moved to the United States when she was two years old. Painful adolescent experiences led to destructive behaviors in her early teens. In the summer of 1981, at the age of 15, Ann returned to her homeland for a summer vacation. Shortly after she got there, a whispered conversation in an outdoor cafe led to a life changing encounter with the Lord, which forever changed the trajectory of Ann’s life. That summer, she was able to be a witness to the beginning days and months of Our Lady’s apparitions in Medjugorje. Many years later, a magazine article about Ann’s experiences in Medjugorje, called her “The First American Conversion in Medjugorje.”

While trying to discern the Lord’s plan in her life, Ann completed undergraduate studies in Theology and Psychology, and graduate studies in Social Work at Loyola University Chicago. By 1999, after many years of working in the field of Social Work, Ann discerned a call by the Lord to leave her career and begin a new life, fully committed to evangelization and ministry, which has always been her greatest passion. Since 1999, Ann has given her life fully for ministry through: coordinating and directing pilgrimages to Medjugorje, the Holy Land, and other Catholic sites; interpreting for Medjugorje visionaries and priests throughout the United States and beyond; working extensively with Fr. Zlatko Sudac (a Croatian priest with the stigmata) as his interpreter and retreat coordinator; sharing her testimony, speaking about the messages of Medjugorje and giving talks on matters of faith and spirituality at retreats, conferences, and media outlets throughout the United States.

Ann’s powerful testimony will inspire you as you listen to the ways in which the Lord has worked in her life and led her in a direction she could never have dreamed of for herself. God indeed has bigger dreams for us than we have for ourselves. Ann’s story bears witness to that fact.

Here is her testimony;

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