The Door is Closing

“but those who drink of the water that I will give them will never be thirsty. The water that I will give will become in them a spring of water gushing up to eternal life.” John 4:14

I was awakened in the early morning hours of March 9, 2022 with the urge to write down in my journal. As always if the church says what I have written in wrong, the church is correct and I am wrong. Know that as you discern what I write.

March 9, 2022

Beloved Lily of the Father,

Time is short.  Velocity speeds up.  The door is closing.  Pray for mercy.

Justice illuminates.

Let the children come to me.

The 8th day unveils.

Let go of preconceived notions of who I AM.

Cling to my truth and walk in it.

My ways have been taught to you.

What is written on your hearts will be revealed to all.

Mankind will see its misery.

Make Reparation.

Be a light in the darkness.

Be a living sanctuary.

Satan roams freely attacking the mind so as to steal, kill and destroy.

Put on the full armor and BE NOT AFRAID.

She crushes his head.

The moon will turn blood red.

The sky will be black.

Justice will be like fire from the sky.

Prepare your hearts.

I AM perfecting you.

Through the Cross and the Immaculate Conception.

Pray for your Priests.

(redacted) be prepared for GLORY.


John 4:14

– God the Father

About veilofveronica

I am a mother and wife as well as an RCIA and Adult Faith Formation catechist at a parish in the south. I have 3 children and a great husband.
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33 Responses to The Door is Closing

  1. Anne says:

    Thank you…cryptic ..strong…no time to waste…may all open their hearts and be vulnerable in surrender to You.

  2. Sally says:

    Susan, you can post this or not. I’ll leave it to you.
    About 9 months ago, my daughter received in prayer that the Blessed Mother was preparing Pope Benedict and us for his death. He was at peace with this. We prayed the rosary, for him and for the body of Christ (us). Then about 6 months ago, during our family rosary I was overcome by an inspiration that upon Pope Benedict’s death, the Door of Mercy would close and the Door ofJustice would open.
    It reminded me immediately of an image my daughter received in 2011. We didn’t understand it at the time. Pope John Paul II was in a doorway and the the light around him was a glowing red, warm and loving. In another doorway was Pope Benedict. The light around him was purple and my daughter said it literally caused her to tremble with a holy fear.
    I think it would be wise for everyone to take full advantage of this Lent. I do believe upon Pope Benedict’s death, the Justice and Sovereignty of God is going to be made manifest. Hence, what you received to pray for priests. Many, many are not prepared themselves or to handle what will transpire in their parishes and communities.

    • pineconejill says:

      I had a Pope Benedict dream a couple years ago.
      I was walking along a path when suddenly in my arms was a baby wrapped in a hospital blanket–like the ones they wrap newborns in. I lifted the corner of the blanket to see the baby, and it had Pope Benedict’s face! I was taken aback because it was quite jarring, but then a flood of love came through me for this little baby, It was stronger than I felt for even my own children. I understood that God loved this baby, and all of us as, if we were the only person on earth. With that much intensity. I started walking along the path with the baby and suddenly he was gone and the blanket was on the ground I thought OH NO I DROPPED THE BABY! but when I picked up the blanket, there was no baby and I woke up.

  3. Catherine Elizabeth says:

    I know that you always indicate that we are to discern what you write, but may I ask:
    – when God the Father says here to “make reparation,” do you get the sense that a particular “form(s)” of reparation is desired or that it is for each of us to determine?, and
    – could you speak to what the 8th day “unveils” may mean?
    Please only respond if you think it might be helpful to others as well.
    Thank you so much. God bless

    • You can offer any sufferings sent your way for reparation. Most of the Saints meditated on the Passion, many did more mortifications. But when the suffering sent your way is accepted and offered it is very efficacious. I meditate on the Passion or pray the way of the Cross for Priests.
      My understanding biblically of the 8th day is that it is complete holiness – a resurrection day.

  4. Ed from Massachusett says:

    Hi Susan,
    The Father says “the eighth day unveils”. Can this be a reference to “December 7 & 8’’
    you mentioned in your post of October 11,2021. Is the Father saying that the ‘’Warning”’,
    will come on December 8th, possibly this year, to unveil the consciences of mankind,
    and will the forehead of the faithful be then marked as mentioned in Rev 7.3.??

    I give my heart to Jesus and Mary with you in love.

    Ed from Massachusetts,
    Apostle of the Sacred Heart of Jesus
    In the Shepherds of Christ Ministry

    • honestly I don’t know. I just wrote what I felt being said – and when I try to interpret and “know” I am usually wrong. The essence of this to me is to have your hearts prepared and purified and pray, pray, pray.

      • Ed from Massachusetts says:

        Thank you for your reply. For your information, I recently purchased the complete 36 Volume
        set of Luisa Piccareta’s writings from Amazon. One book of 1789 pages for $50. This is the first publication of all of Luisa’s writings in one place. I’m on page #175. Trying to read 10 pages/day.

        Love your blog,

  5. Lfrancis says:

    What a gorgeous picture you attached! St. Teresa of Avila is my “saint of the year” for 2022 (from Jen Fulwiler’s random saint generator:, and she has been popping up for me most unexpectedly this year! Thank you for your message – so much prayer needed.

  6. Marie says:

    First, a note to “Ed” regarding Luisa Piccareta’s writings. The Archbishop of Trani has asked people NOT TO BUY OR DISSEMINATE the writings until the Vatican approves the translation of Piccareta’s writings. The archbishop is cooperating with CDF, which in March last year did not grant a nihil obstat to the archdiocese’s proposed translation. EWTN has an article on its website describing the current status of the works, which remain under study. NO ENGLISH TRANSLATION IS APPROVED.

    Veronica, have you submitted your alleged messages to your local bishop for discernment? He is the only one authorized by the Church to make decisions as to their veracity, and whether or not they are harmful to the faith.

    With respect for you, as you are clearly a faithful Catholic, I remember you years back as a contributor and follower of Charlie Johnston. Johnston’s archbishop published two public warnings against his prophecies, which were proven false as none materialized at the time announced. I would urge you to submit yourself to the bishop or his representative before you continue spreading heavenly messages whose origins Catholics cannot be certain of.

    • Marie,
      Thank you for your reminder of discernment and caring for souls.
      I am under the charge of church authority. This is also just a personal blog, I do not speak for the church.
      If I get told to stop by my director who receives all I write I will. He has and he does correct me.
      If you feel this blog harms your faith I would encourage you not to read it.
      I have always submitted myself as a daughter of the church and I always will.
      Peace be with you.

      • Victoria says:

        My dear child, you cannot simply absolve yourself of any responsibility by pointing a critical thinker away from your blog. A person of your type without specific clerical spiritual direction is always at risk of error. Your obligation to be a faithful witness of Church teaching precludes any spiritual gifts you may be receiving. Try harder.

      • Please see the “about” page.

  7. Marie says:

    I wrote because your blog has been picked up by Spirit Daily, which has a wider distribution. It also have avid readers who tend to be overenthusiastic, some chasing the next new thing.

    You do say you are under church authority, but is that the bishop or just a spiritual director? Many Catholics with messages have priests who vouch for them, but only a bishop can speak to the faithful as to validity, as it is under his particular authority as teacher and guardian of the faith in his diocese. (I remember Locutions to the World, which claimed to have a famous exorcist as spiritual director.)

    I brought up Charlie Johnston because he fooled many good Catholics. Those who followed him failed in discernment. Even St. Faustina was fooled by the devil into destroying her writings at one point. When you publish repeatedly about imminent catastrophe: “Time is short. The door is closing. Pray for mercy.” you need to be exceedingly careful to be sure you are not misleading yourself or others. I fear too many Catholics who take the mantle of messenger upon themselves do damage. Please reconsider publishing remarks such as these without the support of your bishop.

    • Sally says:

      But time is short, the door IS closing, and the Lord is asking for repentance. How many Towers of Siloam does one need to witness in our current times to finally believe? We don’t even need Susan’s words. If those who had ears would hear, and eyes that would see, people like Susan wouldn’t be needed. It’s Scripture, unfolding before us and we hear nothing from our priests. So, the Lord very often uses vessels to speak to the few who will listen. Personally I could give you at minimum ten bigger threats to people’s spiritual lives than Susan’s words. Number One…the lack of repentance and confession of mortal sins. Unrepented sin is the single most threat to the Church and Body of Christ today and is why we are seeing the increase of violence in nature and in society. If Susan’s words cause someone to go confess their sins, more power to her. Praise God!

  8. Marie says:

    There is no need to post my last message to you. I only wanted to impress on you my strong feeling that people must be very, very careful at this moment about what they publish.

  9. Alive by Grace says:

    Wow! I just wrote to our parish priests a response to a synod questionnaire, and was given a parallel to what was given here by lily of the Father. Confirmation!

    Copied what was given today. Pray and discern. Alive by Grace

    How can the Catholic Church & The Diocese of Oakland better proclaim the message of Jesus Christ in today’s world? Keep focus on the Lord, and humbly listen. He is the Way, Truth and Life. It is a heart, mind, body, soul commitment, sometimes moment by moment. Your life speaks His Message. Mary’s “fiat” spoke His Message in her heart, and brought Jesus to us. Seek the Wisdom of the Holy Spirit. When you come together to discern His Will, you will know, as He gives His Peace, unique in effect, and He empowers His Word to go forth. You carry Him, in a humble Heart and He empowers the endeavor. His Miracles are also operative, so faith is engaged.

    2. How would you describe your experience with the Catholic Church? You know the Christians by their Love. The Christian hold on to Truth. The human condition is weak and needs Father, Son and Holy Spirit each moment, to faithfully fulfill His Purpose. Human greed, desires for comfort or power, or control at all costs, has infiltrated every aspect of church, work places and government and health services and even human bodies contaminated by toxins, and genetic toxics as well. There are wounded souls, many suffering a wound of rejection. Jesus said to me, “this is My Body”. Our love for each other needs work. Come Lord Jesus!

    3. If you had to give your opinion of Jesus in a few sentences, what would you say? Heart of overwhelming joy, refuge in the storms of life, Peace beyond human understanding, Breath of Life (by His Grace, I am still breathing). Revealer of the Father. Always faithful to His Word. Light in the darkness.

    4. If you had to give your opinion of the Catholic Church in a few sentences, what would you say? Come Lord Jesus, renew your people, breathe New Life into the dry bones, open the eyes of hearts, to see You, send your Mercy and Grace, equip your servants for the spiritual warfare. Send your Light into the darkness, that Your Healing can begin in the Light of Your Truth, and that the liar and seeker of destruction of souls is bound in the Holy Name of Jesus.

    5. What is the one thing you would like to see change in the Catholic Church? Test the spirits from which information is coming. Pray for discernment. We are in a spiritual war against darkness and untruth, dehumanization, hatred. Live Love. There are spiritual weapons and we have to let Him lead us. As I pray for Ukrainian people, I ask the Lord to send in His Angels and Chariots of fire. When Padre Pio prayed during a war, pilots described that they could not open the release button to release the bombs. I pray for miracles of protection for them.

    I was given an understanding of two Words. Seder Chiam. He is my shelter while the spirit of death passes over, and He is my Life. He is my Seder Chiam. Waiting on Him.

  10. Lucy says:

    Well…..May I enter the fray? Even though her director is not the Bishop, I would say that Susan is under the guidance of the priest who is actually the most spiritually competent authority there is in her Diocese. He would not have been given the responsibility he has been given by his Bishop, IF he were not a priest who garners the absolute confidence of his Ordinary. What , when, and how Susan’s spiritual director shares her writings with ” their Bishop” is up to him, meaning the priest who directs her. Would you not agree that one would follow the order of subsidiarity on this point, as on all points of most proximate authority ?
    And, It is true and always has been : No one can discern anything alone. Every word we utter or write indeed requires extreme prudence and patient testing in the discernment of spirits. And consultation within the Body of Christ. It seems to me that is what is meant to happen here on this Blog, as well. Consultation. There is so much confusion, error and fear abounding that one must instruct the faithful with ever-greater care. But I would just add that IF Michael Brown of SpiritDaily cannot be trusted with basic discernment of spirits, then I am not really sure who else can ! He has posted Susan’s writings countless times to date. Given his mature age, his experience and his vast knowledge, most especially in the domain of the prophetic, I personally have great confidence in him to “pick and choose” whose writings he publishes online, selecting from the flood of “Prophetic Words” that I know he receives from people all over the world ! I would call that prophetic vetting….
    Lastly, I come to rest on simple, common sense. Truly, the Signs of the Times have hit a level of evident and unambiguous clarity that even the popular, secular media refer to them daily as “apocalyptic “. There is frankly no need for prophecy… you just need to read the titles on the daily news! The time lapse or gap between the prophetic warning of events and their actual occurrence is almost nil, meaning they have converged in simultaneity. Hence, the watchmen is no longer on the wall but out working in the field hospital !
    Even if ALL of the above points were not the case, Susan systematically introduces anything and everything she writes with the same strong caveat. Objectively speaking, I do not see how she could be more clear when she says:
    “As always if the church says what I have written in wrong, the church is correct and I am wrong. Know that as you discern what I write.” Amen? Blessed Lenten journey to all !

  11. Marie says:

    “IF Michael Brown of SpiritDaily cannot be trusted with basic discernment of spirits, then I am not really sure who else can” ! !

    It’s hard to reply to this. Michael Brown has countless times reported on alleged visionaries who have been proven wrong. Posting the words “for your discernment” does not absolve him of spreading sensational messages and striking fear into the hearts of vulnerable Catholics.

    Michael Brown makes a living through his website and books. He is not a theologian, spiritual director; he holds no position of authority in the church. Brown needs a flow of new material to maintain interest. He has no spiritual authority to comment on the validity of messages or messengers–only a bishop (not priest unless appointed by a bishop) can validly judge the validity of messages. Only a bishop has the God-given authority to teach on faith and morals within his diocese.

    These are in fact difficult times. The devil is busy spreading misinformation and targeting faithful Catholics, It is time to cling more closely to the authentic words of Christ as approved by the Church.

  12. Tom Kuipers says:

    Susan, thank you for sharing these words. Hopefully you sharing these words will awaken more hearts and minds to ready their souls for what is upon us. But as we see in a couple comments, it will have to be the Lord Himself who will awaken the stiff necked. But you are doing your job well, sister, and may God continue to bless you and your family in the days ahead.

    And the last line is so very important, Be Not Afraid. God indeed has a plan 🙂

    • Marie says:

      No need to label those who disagree as “stiff necked.” It’s far better to look at the issue raised and discuss that than insult those who question.

      As to “subsidiarity,” it is not at issue here. The teaching authority in a diocese is held by the bishop; he delegates that authority to priests. (That is why a priest must receive faculties to perform a wedding or baptism in a different diocese.) Pastors are delegates, who work directly under the guidance of a bishop and get their authority from the bishop. In matters of faith and morals, the buck stops with the bishop.

      Again, I raised these issues because of the dire, even sensational nature of the alleged message, and the fact that it was picked up by a website with wide readership.

      • Marie says:

        Edited to Add: IS there a reason NOT to share these concerns with the bishop? Isn’t it likely that the bishop would want to know if such serious messages are being made public by a member of his flock?

      • Marie, this is the last time I will be responding to you.
        I am well aware of that I will be held accountable for my words before God. I have followed the protocol of the church that countless others before me have followed. Please also know that you are not privy to everything that happens, so keep that in mind when you levy charges against people. This blog is my own blog and is a place to hearten the faithful and it does not seem to do that for you. For that I am sorry. I have in the past let you comment freely, but in looking at your past posts it always seems to bring accusation and division against faithful people. I am giving you warning about this.
        If you think that I am harming the faithful please feel free to write my Bishop. I always welcome my Bishops feedback and I am obedient to his authority.

  13. Mary Therese says:

    As one who has had a great deal of personal prophecy for decades and been a Catholic from before The Cradle, I have read and been exposed to powerful prophecy longtime. Whenever I read Susan’s words, I am enriched and enlightened. Thank you, Susan, for submitting your thoughts,visions and inspirations for us to reflect upon and discern. I truly appreciate the good work your Spiritual Director is doing. I also appreciate the contributions your readers made about their visions regarding Pope Benedict. I have always had an incredible love for him and of course our Great JPII! I believe God continues to use our Pope Emeritus very powerfully… This conversation is a definite block to bombarding Heaven with prayers for our Ukrainian brothers and sisters…
    St. Michael—help!!!

  14. Kate Callender says:

    This is a reply mainly for Marie and Victoria, both of whom have left comments above.
    All of us are called, in 1 Thess 5:19-22, to heed the Holy Spirit, test/examine all prophecy and keep what is good. Marie, you imply in your comments that only a Bishop can validly judge the messages. I disagree. Believers are free to listen to, and respond appropriately, to those claiming messages. In fact, we all should be listening… Individuals cannot condemn or validate a messenger or group of messages and proclaim them as supernatural in origin, that is true; however, we are more than free to listen and use our intelligence guided by Scripture to evaluate (or to use Michael Brown’s often repeated “for your discernment”) and decide whether we should heed the content. I do not need a title or hold an office to observe that we are called to obey the Ten Commandments. I don’t need my Bishop to validate my statement if I were to say that out loud.
    I also sadly have to say that in THESE DAYS all believers have an obligation to discern for themselves against the truth of Scripture and, for Catholics, the Magisterium of the Church, whether or not to respond to some of the horrid guidance that comes from the mouth of some priests and some bishops. We are in the sad days when our supposed shepherds lead many astray.
    The correct response to this message in particular, or to any message, is to test the message against revealed truth and respond accordingly. All such actions backed by frequent – CONSTANT – prayer, a heart-felt yearning to respond to Truth, to seek the will of God and obey wholeheartedly. If God chooses to warn us of events to come, we should count ourselves blessed to be fore-warned and mindful of his promised guidance to us.
    I read many, many messages. Over the 30 years of study on the topic, I have formed my own “test” for messages and I make every attempt to hold fast and practice what I believe to be valid and reject what clearly is not. As for the unknown – I read, remember, watch and stay alert. The purification of the earth is clearly underway. I DO observe the “signs of the times.” We all should.

    • Tom Kuipers says:

      Amen, Kate. Like you, I’ve read much over the years… not as much anymore as there’s no more need for prophecy as we’re living in real time what heaven warned us to avoid, but Susan will always get my attention. Which funny thing that, all of a sudden after years I no longer get her posts emailed to me and only saw this since I saw it on SD…wonder how that happened, but I digress…of all the noise out there and 90%+ is noise, Susan’s words rarely fail to awaken the Spirit within

      Humility. Charity. We all need to drop our pride and assume we know nothing (cause news flash, we don’t) and instead listen to the Holy Spirit to guide each step we take going forward

    • Marie says:

      “I also sadly have to say that in THESE DAYS all believers have an obligation to discern for themselves against the truth of Scripture and, for Catholics, the Magisterium of the Church, whether or not to respond to some of the horrid guidance that comes from the mouth of some priests and some bishops. We are in the sad days when our supposed shepherds lead many astray…”

      Yes and no. Catholics need to obey their bishop on matters of faith and morals. EVEN IF a bishop is mistaken, and a ruling regarding a “message” is reversed, one is required to uphold the verdict in the meantime. Jesus was “obedient unto death.”

  15. Francisco Ruffolo says:

    Yes brothers and sisters in Christ, put the full armor of Almighty God. Pray Pray Pray! The time is fast approaching for the day of the Lord our Lord God and Saviour Jesus Christ is at hand. The most powerful prayer you could say is the Holy Rosary. SHE WILL CRUSH HIS HEAD.
    Be not afraid for all these things must come to pass and much more before that awesome day of the Lord takes place, but we are at the door of our salvation. Pray Pray Pray!

    Francisco March 15, 2022 at 7;43 AM

  16. Lisa says:

    I am grateful for your blog. Thank you. God bless you, His Mother keep you….

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