Last Night I had the Strangest Dream

“Don’t have anything to do with that innocent man, for I have suffered a great deal today in a dream because of him” (Mat. 27:19)

I had a dream last night.  It seemed so real, even though upon waking up I realized how odd it was.  We were driving on a highway.  Going along at a fast rate of speed.  Suddenly the cars in front of us started crashing. There were explosions all around us and people were dying.  Cars started racing in the opposite direction toward us and I don’t know how we managed to miss them and not get hit, as if something supernatural was protecting our car.  We found ourselves pulling over to what appeared to be a college campus.  A young college age boy, who had been mortally wounded, lay dying on bleachers with a gaping wound in his chest. Though still alive, it became apparent that he would not live.  My sons, in their horror knelt beside him, held his hand, and began praying the Our Father.

Suddenly, an atheist group appeared and began chanting, “stop shoving your religion down our throats,” and, “we don’t believe in sky fairies.”  My boys were mystified as to why, when a person lay dying, someone else would be offended by a prayer.  They continued to pray.

I confronted one of the atheists.  I said, “the prayer is not hurting you, why won’t you have some respect for a dying man, what happened to your chant of live and let live, have some respect.”  The atheist insisted, “there is no sky fairy, you’re forcing us to observe the prayer.”  I again said, “if you were dying I would be respectful of you.”  Suddenly the atheist’s eyes turned demon red.  She shot out a wave of energy at me so forcefully it smacked me in the face and it stung me in a way I have never felt before.  I felt dizzy and disoriented, the way you would if you were drunk or sick.  I admit I was scared.  But then I remembered the power of Jesus’ name.  I simply said it, “Jesus.”  The disorientation stopped, the demon got mad and fled.  I was awakened at this point, still feeling the sting on my face, but also very secure in the notion that at the name of Jesus every knee shall bow and every tongue shall confess and give praise to God.  Romans 14:11

About veilofveronica

I am a mother and wife as well as an RCIA and Adult Faith Formation catechist at a parish in the south. I have 3 children and a great husband.
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34 Responses to Last Night I had the Strangest Dream

  1. nellie smith says:

    do you do pro-life I am wondering? I mean like stand out in front of clinics and tolerate people swearing at and cursing you? such a dream! thank you for sharing!

    • Ciara says:

      Nellie–get someone to video them cursing and carrying on and post this on youtube so ANYTIME they claim that prolife people are causing problems and acting out-slap up the link of them in action.

    • Aunt Raven says:

      The first time I stood with other pro-lifers before an abortion clinic I thought I would be fearful and intimidated.. But we had prayed beforehand, and when the haters began to drive by and scream at me, I just smiled and said, “God bless you!” I was simply struck by how pathetic they were, and the more they swore & ranted, the more I smiled and blessed them. . It was weird but wonderful. . Some even threw eggs at me. One caught the edge of my skirt, but the rest missed. Had they got me in the face I would have smiled more and kept blessing them. Even at the time I was not unaware of the humor of the confrontation. Christian joy can strike at odd times.

  2. Patrick says:

    Well, I be had similar feelings of disorientation and oppression … And I screamed I love Jesus!!! And I was freed..

    • Yes that is what it was like!

    • nellie says:

      I know! Today in front of this surgical center where they do nothing but late term abortions (55% of the abortions in the state are done there) this doctor came and started arguing with us… went on and on and on! But what was so beautiful was how different his rhetoric was from our rhetoric which was so gentle it made you want to shout for joy how the Holy Spirit speaks thru us when we need help! Instead of saying Nazi Germany which sounds so stark and negative Marie says “About 60 years ago there was once this very proud nation and they wanted to take measures to save the state money by putting the disabled and elderly to sleep because of the financial burden they imposed and it got out of hand……” It was so humbly put! Pray for Fred the doctor.
      So far no haters but so far no haters. My friend use to hold her pro-life sign and do the can-can as she held it and that at least helped cool people off although quite frankly i dunno if that’s a very good approach.

  3. cheerio says:

    When I read your dream I knew God was preparing you and preparing your children in your dream. It’s funny how the enemy came quickly as son as your children pray he came, but I also know your children are being prepared for him, your children and you will bring many saving souls to the lord Jesus Christ! Your family will become the salvation of many souls. The enemy was trying to prevent what he knows Jesus already has for you and your children. Your faith angered him so he was doing what he could do to come against you. Oh how I love that you remembered the name of Jesus! It is by the blood of Jesus that your family and you are set apart already being prepared for sacred use! In his most loving name Jesus!

  4. Teresa says:

    I’m wondering if this battle with evil has now become so intense that it knows no bounds between the lines of sleep and being awake, in its boldness to not mask itself even in the dream state. And even in the dream state, perhaps even more so, the principles of our faith continue to stand firm and give witness to their appointed power.. For now the battle is so pitched in evils wretched fury, that it is caustic at the same of if enduring the greatest of persecution. Evil wants not to be disturbed in its diabolical course, even in the dream state and its cry remains the same now as it did in the time of our Lord, when the evil demons cried out and fled in His presence.. even into a herd of pigs. Their desire to remain on the earthly plane extends even into the realm of our mind as we sleep. Yet here too the Spirit of God does not leave us defenseless to this persistent evil, and the truth of His name testifies even in our sleep to It’s greatness!.. and levels the same effected divine judgment against its presence regardless of our waking or sleeping state! God’s authority remains supremely glorious and strong. Evil knows it’s time is short, so this pitched fury and battle extends to that time we lay most vulnerable, and yet, God raises our spirits against it. As evil cannot mask itself from its own bitter hate, the sheepskin falls off in this dream, and the utter hatred for our having been redeemed by God, spits itself out as fiery beams at you. It is here for one purpose only, to lash out at its own creator by slaying His very creation, whom were made to replace it’s own vile presence, with God forever, in a splendor of paradise it lost in an action of its own bitter hubris. The only thing left for this raging beast, as it looses the foretold battle, is to leave the shadows of our subconscious , where it hides, seeking to destroy us through constant temptation to sin, boldly into our waking hours, visibly. I believe what you saw in this dream was the stage of defiance which is coming, manifest through our fellow man, who will have given up virtue entirely, and taken to living by vices in its stead. The beast and his minions becoming a very real and physical force. And yet, we must do exactly as you did, in your dream, for the principle will remain especially true likwise, while awake, as God will not be out done by evil, and as virtue grows dim, the ones who do live by it, and call on God’s name, will have the Lion share! God’s power will manifest likwise and in greater glory! Your dream encourages me. I see the battle raging, the hatred of us growing, the demon fleeing still into its per verbal herd of pigs, at just the sound of The Name, as us being left with sting of mud splatter as this entourage hurdles itself back into the abyss. And even so, as we are promised in The Book, by The One True God, we will be given a new garmet, washed clean “-) Thank you for sharing it, it was very symbolic and representative of so many truths at so many different levels..Both practically and prophetically!

  5. Patty says:

    Notwithstanding all these things that people have said – yes, the name of “Jesus” will repulse the demon, yes, the veils are becoming thinner – giving believers a real taste of the spiritual war behind our physical world – these are the dominations, powers, and principalities St. Paul speaks of. I say “speaks of” in the current sense for a reason. My take and another note about the dream is that the Holy Spirit is letting us know in a big way what will be occuring in due time. In my waking sense, I have been “playing out the video” of this vile islamic ISIS faction war, the terrible trouble Russia is brewing up and our obvious symbol of America’s apostasy – our leaders the people in charge of the US at this point in time. What I have been realizing and this can be associated with the dream – the sons’ prayers, the demon, and all the involved actions seem to prophecy in a big way the bigger picture and its playing out on the world scene. With these horrible atrocities being committed – ironically in the name of religion (which it can’t be religious, but only demonic). The forces behind our leaders’ “no show” on halting are growing a movement of the public mind that will always associate these barbaric murders with religion. So the wars and atrocities will cause so much human suffering and the devil will point out how bad religion is. Masses of people, exhausted from battle and horror will accept the devil’s lie that religion is bad, these things are caused by religion, and God does not exist. So everyone better buck up to the reality of no god, no war, no strife. After the realms and denizens of hell manifest in humans who are corrupt, leaders will arise that promote a general speak of peace and will rule. People who pray and trust in God are now labeled as the “evil one” and will suffer. The force of this reality which people will accept will show on a physical level – which is why the eyes of the demon almost knocked the dreamer down. “Jesus” “Jesus” “Jesus” must be on our lips, our hearts, and in our whole breathing during these times to navigate through until this can pass in time. Love your enemy until your last breathe – like Stephen, the Light of Heaven will call us so we can be brave, courageous, and fervent. THEN we get to go to heaven – each soul in its own time! Jesus wins! Amen!

    • I should mention, the highway in my dream was curved, so I couldn’t see what was coming around the bend. Evermore I knew I had to trust God to lead me and my family down the path around the bend.

      • Patty says:

        Yep. A whole force of evil is coming around the bend. Prayer, Trust, Mercy, and the Miracle of the Holy Eucharist inside us.

  6. ” This is ‘the hour’, as Jesus called it. … the darkness and the trial of the “hour” is at hand. ”

  7. Lettish says:

    I had a strange dream. I dreamt I was sleeping and my husband stood on the side of the bed where I was laying. I dreamed I awoke and asked him why he was standing there. Something didn’t seem right (I knew it wasn’t him), so I started to pray the ‘Our Father.’ What looked like my husband started to back away and changed into a black cloaked figure (like a grim reaper). As it backed away, it kept looking back at me. I kept repeating the ‘Our Father’ until it disappeared completely.

  8. Rose says:

    MM: ” Mary is the candle, Jesus the flame.” I JUST read this yesterday on a website regarding locutions. Wow!

    1Thessalonians 5:20-22. Do not despise prophetic utterances. Test all things, and hold firmly that which is good; abstain from every form of evil.

    I feel like everything I am reading is being connected to each other. We all need to increase our prayers!

  9. Denise says:

    Your dream reminded me of a nightmare I had about 3 weeks ago. It was so real and frightening that my children, on the other side of the house, heard me screaming for help as I awoke. My husband and I were traveling down a busy road at duck in separate cars. We met when stopping at an intersection. Here, our cars stalled as did all the other vehicles on the road. Some cars were able to keep their headlights on, others not. Finally, I found a ride with two other women whose car was still able to run. As soon as we began moving, I felt extremely disoriented. It was similar to having a lot to drink, but more like my mind had been taken over. However, though I felt extremely confused, I was very much aware that the other women were demonic and that I needed to get out of that car and back into my right mind.

  10. SW says:

    I had dream over 10 years ago- I was part of a small resistance group and we were fleeing from an unseen enemy. It was dark and we were running by a tall chain link fence near a small airstrip. I got caught, and was brought to their leader. He was a tall, bearded man (resembling Jesus) in a long white robe and was riding on a jeep standing behind a machine gun. He got off the jeep, and a voice told me to wash his feet. I was terrified and confused. When he saw me kneel he was smiling because he thought I was worshiping him. When he got close, he and I realized the water was holy water, then his eyes turned red and he turned into a demon and disappeared. The power of being humble and obedient to our God is real.

  11. here is Charlie Johnson on his first post speaking about his vision on December 20. Notice the prayer link at the bottom he includes. A prayer of total abandonment to God. Please also note his words, not to use the prayer as “magic,” it is a prayer to totally Trust. I had been feeling of late that we cannot feel that we ourselves have a handle on the truth of God or put God into our box, and that if we think we have this, we need to start over looking. Pride always comes before the fall. I have much to rid myself of vanity wise, my hope for all of us is to totally abandon our will to Gods.

  12. Patricia says:

    I have twice had very frightening dreams in which the devil was trying to force me to commit grave sins. Both times, feeling absolutely desperate, I called out to Our Lady, and as soon as I said (in the dream) the holy Name of Mary, I immediately awoke so very peacefully. How good God is! And how very powerful is the holy Name of Jesus, and He gives to His Mother’s Name great power as well. God bless you! Thanks for sharing such a fascinating dream.

  13. SW’s dream actually revealed something very important – the power of Holy water to expose demons. About 2 years ago, my husband began mentioning wanting to start a ritual of blessing the children and ourselves with holy water, but tried as we did, we kept forgetting, and soon we gave up.

    Then, one night, I dreamt of being in a strange home but it was intimated to me that it was our home. I saw the bed levitating, and a wild horror gripped me. In my dream, I shouted to my husband to get the vial of holy water by the altar, and we frantically splashed it in the direction of the raised bed. I knew then that satan was trying to enter our home. The fear in me was so deep, I began to call out and pray, Blood of Christ, wash over our home, Blood of Christ…Suddenly, I felt I was being choked, and I knew I had awakened from the dream. Something was preventing me from saying the words. Suddenly, I remembered that I could “step away” from the evil, by praying the same prayer mentally, and so I did, and immediately, the chokehold loosened.

    The next day, the idea came to bless everyone before our nightly rosary, and since then, we’ve never had trouble remembering the holy water blessing. It’s part of the ritual. A year later, a priest friend stayed overnight, and blessed our home. He had a premonition of trouble ahead for us, and it came true several days after he left, but prayer, God’s Word and the holy water kept the evil right outside our gates, and we were saved.

    All the dreams shared here are premonitions of something ahead. In keeping close to God, I believe we will know the difference between a warning from God and a nightmare. When it comes from God, however troubling it may be, it’s always a hope-sign that there is something we can do to prepare or avert.

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  16. Our Lady's Servant says:

    Susan, your blog is wonderful, and I thank God for leading me to you. I commented yesterday about a similarity between your husband’s experience in a dream and mine of last June. Reading the above today has reminded me of a dream (well, I haven’t ever forgotten it), one of three dreams in the past two or three years, that seemed very unique to me, but I perhaps I am just being vain and fanciful? However, I am going to share it here because of the commonality of the highway in my dream and others’ as described above.

    In my dream, I am driving along a smooth highway, all paved with neat lines. Alongside the highway are these beautiful fields of wheat, golden and ready to harvest. Suddenly, the pavement turns into a crumbled mess of rocks, broken asphalt, overgrown weeds and such. Because I can no longer drive on it, I get out of the car and start walking towards the wheat fields. Then behind me I hear a voice, “Are you from Transportation?” (I understood it to mean department of highways or some similar such). I said “No, I was just driving along.” I turn to look at this person, a woman, but I could not see her face, only that she had long blond hair. She said to me again, “Are you from Transportation? Look at this highway! It is ruined!” She grabbed my hand and pulled me into the wheat field, where she pushed aside the wheat and revealed these incredibly ugly weeds in amongst the wheat — they were long, skinny stalks with these huge bulbous heads of a sickly yellow, in the center of which were these gross, ugly black spots/seeds. She said to me, “These things! These things are destroying the highway with their seeds!” Next, a grotesque, ugly, brown snake with a large bulbous head as well (similar to the weeds’ heads) suddenly appeared in the weeds. She grabbed me again and handed me an axe, telling me, “Kill it! You have to kill it!” So, even through my incredible fear and revulsion, I grabbed the snake behind its head and chopped off its head from its body. The body was only about 12 inches long, an ugly brownish color, which just dissolved into a slimy mush once the head was separated, but the head was still alive trying to bite me. Then I woke up.

    Freaked me out. I can still see that dream in my mind as if I was really there.

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