The Man-Hating Spirit

man and woman


that we would not be outwitted by Satan; for we are not ignorant of his designs. 2 Corinthians 2:11


The man-hating spirit is everywhere now (so is the woman hating, but that’s for another article).  It’s a palpable, tangible presence.  I know because it has attacked me before.  And when it does, bitterness and resentment seep into everything.  But I have become aware that it is an actual entity that is attacking.  When you know this, you can change.

If you look around you can see this man hating spirit in society.  Men and women who God created complimentary to work together, are tearing each other apart.  This post is focusing on the women’s role in tearing down men.

Many years back I remember living in this place.  I remember working, doing laundry, doing dishes, and having babies sitting on my hip, and I remember being angry.   The physicality of it is exhausting.  I directed that rage at the men around me, especially my husband.  To me it was “their fault“.  I was bitter and resentful and I was probably a pain to be around.  This was before my friend Veronica was murdered.  This was before I had the deep realization of God.  But even back then, God was chasing me.

One day I remember sitting at my sink, a toddler at my feet, and dirt on the floor.  I was looking at the dishes and I was MAD.  I looked up outside my kitchen window, trash left by the kids in the backyard, I sighed and looked up at the sun.  And a voice in my head clearly said to me, “what are you so mad about?”  I answered, “look at all this mess, no one helps me!”  The voice said, “if you didn’t have that mess you wouldn’t have people who loved you living here.”  I honestly felt like I got slapped in the face.  I sat there stunned.  I started to cry.  My priorities were all screwed up.  I had let the perfection of the world, which is about appearance and material things, seep into my brain; And I had forgotten about the perfection of God, the virtues my parents had taught me about.

From that day forward I made a concerted effort to be kind to my husband when he came home from work.  It was amazing how my kindness made him want to come home from work.  Breathing life into someone, it changes them, and it changes you.  It wasn’t perfect virtue, and still isn’t, but it was a movement towards God, and wanting the best for my husband, wanting for his salvation, and not just mine.

As I have travelled this journey and grown closer to God, I feel like He has revealed how disordered things are in our society.  I do believe God gave men authority, as head of the household, but men have used authority (at the devil’s prodding) to “Lord it over” women.  Women have gotten angry and have rebelled (at the devil’s prodding).  And now here we sit in a society filled with hatred of men.

The relationship of man and woman was meant to be complimentary.  Man as the head of the household, and the woman helping him, because when she does, it helps her, and it puts 10,000 demons to flight.  When a couple comes together, the power of God is seen.  I was talking to my friend Ashley the other day.  We spoke about how many women struggle with husbands who aren’t as faithful to God as they are, or problems even bigger than that.  Ashley always tries to look at things from the perspective of the Blessed Mother.  Here is what she said;

Where men are unable to hear and operate in their authority, the spirit descends upon the women and the women must then pray for the men.  Mary received the spirit at the Annunciation.  Then she prayed for Joseph.  Joseph then began listening and had the dream from the angel, to take Mary as his wife and the other dream to flee to Egypt.  He was acting upon the authority that was given him from God—-to lead Mary and Jesus.  Then once Joseph dies, Mary must take back that authority of the family and finish raising her Son.  At the Wedding at Cana we see her giving the authority to her Son.  She then was under Jesus’ authority after that.  Then at the foot of the cross she was given to John.  So John was to lead Mary for the rest of her earthly life.  It is a beautiful flow of the spirit of authority from one person to the next in the story of Jesus.  So too with us.  Where the man lacks authority, the woman will receive the spirit and lead.  But we must do what Mary did and pray for the man.  When we pray, their hearts can become open for them to listen to God’s messages and lead… taking back that God-given authority with women being vessels of it until they are ready.  We see with this that the darkness will not overcome the light of the human race.

We have had years of women who have suffered at the hands of men.  This post is not meant to belittle their pain.  This is actually about healing.  Instead of trying to dominate over men we should be praying ardently for them.  God’s authority can be given as He sees fit.  He gave it first to Adam, who was to be the keeper and protector.  When they fell in the garden, he blamed her, she blamed the serpent, and death entered the world.  Stop blaming.  Start praying.  Prayer begets unity, the unity we are all seeking.  And let us also remember mercy.  Mercy is the key to permanence in relationship.  God extends us His mercy, we must do the same.

Did you ever wonder why the Angel appeared to Joseph?  I mean, if God did not intend him to have any authority in the matter, why bother?  But God knew Mary needed Joseph.  And Mary knew she did too.  That’s why when he takes them to flee to Egypt she doesn’t object.  She doesn’t say, NO I won’t listen to you.  She listens and respects his authority.  And Jesus, he was under Joseph’s authority too.  They worked together in harmony.  That’s why they are the hearts in unison.

Today we are in an intense battle.  The man-hating spirit is actually in the atmosphere.  You can feel it when you walk into places.  But just because you feel it, doesn’t mean you should embrace it.  Our spirit is deeper than our feelings.  Hand those to God, and pray for better men.  When a man feels supported and loved, he can actually do what he is supposed to do, and we women will receive what we have been longing for from our men.

One more thing, when a woman dishonors her husband, in front of children, this does astronomical damage to the children. Half of who they are comes from him.  If you want to breed self-hatred in your children, this is how you do it.  Love is sometimes difficult.  Some would say it’s impossible, but that’s why God is asking for us to rely on Him, because nothing is impossible with God.


About veilofveronica

I am a mother and wife as well as an RCIA and Adult Faith Formation catechist at a parish in the south. I have 3 children and a great husband.
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18 Responses to The Man-Hating Spirit

  1. Lucy says:

    The Word of God is living and effective : Here is the prophecy of Jeremiah 31, verse 22…which has never been fully explained or understood in exegesis…and which I believe we are now seeing come to life in response to the rebel man-hating spirit. God is doing something NEW. He wants to RESTORE something in this relationship between man and woman and declares this:

    “How long will you continue to hesitate,
    rebellious daughter?
    The LORD has created a new thing upon the earth:
    woman encompasses the man with devotion.”

    AMEN ! May your Word O Lord be a lamp unto our stumbling feet….

    • when you spoke yesterday you mentioned being a vessel to be poured into by the spirit. All I could picture was Jesus in the womb of Mary, her being the vessel. But then more than that, like the earth itself could be the vessel of the Divine, if only….if only we would step on the devil’s head. I hope you got home safely.

    • Stephen Garland says:

      Lucy, I couldn’t fine one bible version that included ‘with devotion’ as in your bible quote. Which bible are you using?

      Wouldn’t the most likely explanation be that it prefigures the new covenant, where the old covenant had God encompassing His people (the Law encompassing His rebellious daughter Israel). The new covenant is represented by Jesus through Mary; Women encompassing God and His people encompassing God; where the law is placed in the hearts of His people, Israel.

      I am very uncomfortable with the thought of being encompassed by a women; with devotion or not. Respect will do just fine!

      • Stephen, some versions of the NAB had the word “with devotion” and here is what the footnote said; Turn back, O virgin Israel, turn back to these your cities. [3] How long will you continue to stray, rebellious daughter? The LORD has created a new thing upon the earth: the woman must encompass the man with devotion.
        Jeremiah 31:21-22 NAB

        [footnote 3] The woman must encompass the man: the words “with devotion,” not in the Hebrew, are added for the sense. No fully satisfactory explanation has been given this text. Among the more probable are these: (a) Formerly the man (the Lord) encompassed the woman (Israel) with mercy and devotion; now in the spiritual religion of Israel which will follow on the restoration, this order will be reversed. (b) So secure will Israel be after the restoration that women will no longer need the natural protection of their husbands, but even weak women can protect men. © St. Jerome in his commentary on this verse understood it of Mary’s virginal conception of Christ. “The LORD has created a new thing on earth; without seed of man, without carnal union and conception, “a woman will encompass a man’ within her womb-One who, though He will later appear to advance in wisdom and age through the stages of infancy and childhood, yet, while confined for the usual number of months in his mother’s womb, will already be perfect man.”

  2. Steve Lia says:

    Hi Susan
    As usual your post is thought provoking and in my humble opinion 100% correct.
    I was watching a short You Tube video clip the other day, of a Pro Life march and of a Pro choice (Abortion) march in America.
    People (mainly the women) were asked the same questions in both Marches, I was astounded by the difference in answers from one group to the other.
    The Pro Life women spoke about how the men should be the head of the family, to love, protect, provide and honour/respect their wives and children. Men answered similarly about what it meant to love their families.
    The women who were Pro Choice answered completely different, their was real hatred towards men, even the men questioned who were marching seemed to loath themselves.
    I am 50 years old and I have never seen the angst, I have seen today against the sexes especially in the western world.

  3. Cristin Kelly says:

    Stand by your man

    Sent from my iPhone

  4. Anne says:

    It’s everywhere….. Has been for a long time now. Affirmative action in the workforce is one example. Now very,very visible.

  5. James Ignatius McAuley says:

    Men have to do their bit, too and be willing to lay down their life for their wife, as Paul notes in Ephesians. This means doing the dishes, drying the dishes, staying up with the baby, changing the diapers, taking out the garbage, vacuuming, making the coffee, listening, helping to cook, and so on. The more you do these and talk to your wife, the better a marriage will be. Rocking a child to sleep is a good time to say a rosary, too.

    This Sue phrase bears repeating and you should put it up on the top of your blog: “Stop blaming. Start praying.”

  6. joyfulhope20 says:

    I wish I had read this years ago. You are so right. It’s too late for me, but can I print this off and give it to my daughters and daughters-in-law?

  7. Tanya Wersinger says:

    Thank you as always for the sound writings.
    Here in my corner of the world a “Drag Queen Story Time” at the FIVE FORKS LIBRARY has been announced. I am so appalled and disgusted with this child abuse…. And degrading of the human person/men on top of it. Men are infested with a spirit of effeminacy, which is pathetic. Children are exposed to this spirit in public places because their parents want to show their children what it is to be tolerant and kind? It is a spiritual battle , a big one, for the hearts and souls of children. God help us who oppose this tactic of the evil one. please pray, and if you google the perverted story time, sign the petition.

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  9. Tyson Holt says:

    Hello mate nice bloog

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