Focus on the Who and the Why

I will make a covenant for them on that day,
with the wild animals,
With the birds of the air,
and with the things that crawl on the ground.
Bow and sword and warfare
I will destroy from the land,
and I will give them rest in safety. Hosea 2:20

As I have stated before I write in my journal what pops in my head as if God is speaking to me. If the church came out and said what I have written is wrong, then the church is correct and I am wrong. Know that as you discern what I wrote. I have no commentary on this as I just want to relay what I feel was spoken to me.

Beloved Lily of the Father,

The wages of sin is death.  All of creation is affected by it.  From the beginning, free will’s choice echos throughout creation. 

Choose purity.  Repent and repair.

Sin makes creation a mere mimicry of what I intended. Everything a fraction of what it could be. A facade that comes crashing down when the human heart makes a god of itself by listening to the evil one.  The result is a synthetic mirror of reality.  Synthetic hormones and engineered plants, trying as you may to create what only the creator can make good and beautiful.  Cooperation with I AM brings genuine flourishing and union.

When man chooses sin – dark energy and dark matter expands, speeding up velocity of time.  A cosmic acceleration.  A war between dark matter and dark energy of destruction, and the gravity of union.  One expanding the universe in love and the other expanding destruction like a collapsing black hole.  Love in the human heart expands and unites galaxies.

I AM bigger than you can possibly comprehend.  You are connected in a way you do not understand or see.

My Will is love.

My Will is communion.

You ask yourselves how? and what?,  but the question should be who? and why? 

You sought the tree of knowledge.

Did you not know that if you sought the tree of life I would provide knowledge?  Knowledge of GOOD, Knowledge of purity.  It was always yours.

The answer lies inside the human heart.  I came to show you who I AM.

Your purpose is to glorify who I AM which glorifies you.  That’s why you were created.

You were created for me, LOVE, that’s the Who you were created for.

The violation of the first commandment hands your domain, all of it, to the evil one, who destroys what is good.  It’s a choice.

The time has come when there will be no celebration.  Your land will be taken. 

You will be stripped naked.

I will illuminate the depths of your souls because if I left you to your own accord you would decay like a rotting corpse.  It is not so with me.

This is the miracle of Divine Mercy.

It illuminates the dark so you can see.

Those who deny my mercy will cry out in vain.  Those who accept it will walk in the Divine Will.

Fire will fall from the skies.

You live in a world of fake mimicry.  The time has come to exchange the plastic string of pearls for the genuine pearls.

If you knew how far your sin permeated you would do everything you could to stop.  When you cooperate my power is made perfect in your weakness.  Purity spreads.

Dense darkness is accelerating and clouds the mind.

But repentance and confession allows me to pour into your soul.

I endured this darkness in the Garden, you share in my suffering.

Pray for My Will on earth as it is in heaven.

Everything is connected.

It begins in my Sacred Heart which illuminates your heart and extends Divine Mercy.  Mercy accepted will bring you, the beloved, into union with the Divine Will.  Resting and beating with the hearts of the Holy Family.  Sacred.  Immaculate. Guardian.  Beloved.

Peace I leave with you.

You will be amazed.

Be not afraid.

Hosea 2

Your Divine Spouse

About veilofveronica

I am a mother and wife as well as an RCIA and Adult Faith Formation catechist at a parish in the south. I have 3 children and a great husband.
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10 Responses to Focus on the Who and the Why

  1. Jean says:

    Wow! Just wow. This resonates and I say, come quickly Jesus. Just don’t let go of my hand Mother Mary.

  2. Anne says:

    Truly amazing Makes sense. Sincere Love expands the heart. The whole cosmos.
    Explains the acceleration of time!

  3. Anne says:

    Brilliant…makes sense. Come Holy Spirit come.

  4. John says:

    Makes a whole lot of sense explaining why time has seemed to speed up significantly.Thank you God for being a loving God,a forgiving God..slow to anger and quick to forgive.Thank you God for Your love your mercy and patience.May Your Will be done on earth as it is in souls espeically come to the aid of the children of the world..a world which has failed them miserably.

  5. MG3 says:

    Sounds like another confirmation of the coming Illumination of conscience/warning (Seal 6 of Revelation 6). You can learn more at

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