Immaculately Conceived

Mom and Dad holding hands on the couch

These days I am home a lot, probably like most of you. Though we do have caregivers that help with my mom and dad, the primary duty falls upon me. This experience has left me pondering a lot and talking to God a lot about what His plan for us is. I am not speaking of asking God details of the future, I am speaking of asking God what it was that he wanted for humanity.

The answer I got was “immaculately conceived.” This startled me a little because I know that Mary is the Immaculate Conception, so I couldn’t fathom what God meant for us to be “immaculately conceived” since as we all know, and as my friend James, quoting a Pope, put it, we are “maculate.”

So I pressed God. I know that scripture says we are to be “born again”, which speaks of the power of Baptism, but this was different. Lord, what do you mean?

God the Father let me know that when I was “conceived” in His thought, it was totally pure. Immaculate. His thought of me, His conception of me, was not meant to be maculate. But we all know, that mankind fell, and that original sin became our consequence, and the concupiscence that came along with that. As if, between the thought and the Word, the Satan’s thoughts and word slipped into our soul stealing the completeness of the thought of God.

You will surely not die, the serpent told her. For God knows that in the day you eat of it your eyes will be opened and you will be like God, knowing good and evil. Genesis 3:5

And the battle began for the completeness of the thought of God. This path where the word becomes flesh and dwells among us so that we may have the word and the spirit dwelling within us. God’s completion is a new heaven and a new earth, one that is Immaculate. It is a trinitarian unity of the completeness of love. Satan’s thoughts and word are ones that kill and culminates in destruction. If we believe his thought, take his word in us act in sin the destruction comes in the blasphemy of the Holy Spirit. Hell.

We are meant to be completed. The thought of us conceived in the mind of God, the way originally planned. We know that this was accomplished in one soul, the Immaculate Conception.

In the night I felt the Lord speak to me of the Nativity, of the perpetual virginity of Mary. The picture I had in my head of Mary giving birth is not the way you would picture a regular birth. It was as if Mary was like pure water, that the sun shines through and the water magnifies the sun throughout it. A ball of pure light, and a vision of the clarity of the water. He came out of her as light passing through, everything of her remained in tact, clothed in the sun. This kind of unity is far beyond what we experience in mere human comprehension of unity. Her intercession for us is expansive beyond our understanding. And it is intimately linked with the depths of the mercy of God. It is through the Immaculate Conception, and her place in the Mystical Body cooperating with the redeemer on the walk to the Passion and Resurrection that is the ultimate intercession of a human for the rest of us. She is a refuge.

And so the Lord turned me to the Sacraments. We partake in them to cooperate with God as the means towards the Father’s original conception of us. They are meant to purify, they are meant that our purgatory be here. They are meant to feed us from the Tree of Life, so that the knowledge of evil is purged from our hearts.

But we still fall short, and God in his inexplicable mercy, still allows this purification after we die. Purgatory, the place where we finally see how attached we were to the things that kept us from God, and we long to be with him. These suffering souls in purgatory also suffer for us. It is part of our purification as a Mystical Body.

God wants us to have the same light in us as He originally conceived for us. This is the end goal for the end of time. It is a Resurrection of the Body. The completeness of the thought of God, originally conceived without sin and in a final restoration, the thought, word, and action of God completed. Body and soul united. The light passes through fills us with the sun, the son, remaining completely in the will of the Father. If this were to happen to us on earth as it is in heaven, we could command nature and it would listen, because our domain would be restored. It has nothing to do with prideful power, and everything to do with love. Nature listens to loves command.

In the morning, as they went along, they saw the fig tree withered from the roots. Peter remembered and said to Jesus, “Rabbi, look! The fig tree you cursed has withered! “Have faith in God,” Jesus answered. “Truly I tell you, if anyone says to this mountain, ‘Go, throw yourself into the sea,’ and does not doubt in their heart but believes that what they say will happen, it will be done for them. Mark 11:20-23

Right now we are in a battle. The view of how to win depends on whether you rely on man’s ways of how to do this, like a man who wants to blot out the sun, which will ultimately lead to destruction, or you can follow God’s way of purifying your heart. Confess and reconcile, receive the Word Made flesh, and let God do the rest. He is far better a savior of mankind than we are of ourselves.

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I am a mother and wife as well as an RCIA and Adult Faith Formation catechist at a parish in the south. I have 3 children and a great husband.
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29 Responses to Immaculately Conceived

  1. Finnian-John says:

    Susan, such a beautiful reflection from the Father’s point of view! As I was reading it I was reminded of something my son had said to me during his intense struggle with drugs and alcohol after losing his mother suddenly in car accident when he was 13. As a direct result of her death he had entered a very dark place that encompassed an overdose, lots of displaced anger, and severe depression.He was headed down a very dark road! I feared for his safety and his future! Early on I had entrusted him to the Blessed Mother as I knew that there was nothing that I could have said or done to “fix” his pain. My prayer to God was basically “I broke them (my children) but you can fix them…so please Lord…heal them!” Our marriage had ended in divorce about a year before the car accident due to my own alcoholism and though I was in a recovery program myself, the “fallout” of my bad choices with my son in particular was horrific to witness. Anyway one day when I had connected him on a sharing level (as he was getting counseling) he told me how much he “grieved” the loss of his innocence. That statement led me to some pretty deep prayer and thought. I began to reflect on the loss of my own innocence, and opted to grieve its loss like my son. Ever since then I have been “peeling the onion” layer after layer with the help of the recovery programs and healing of memories guide books, especially using the five keys of the Unbound program. I’ve been looking back with the guidance of a priest to “restore” what was lost and/or stolen. I am “rich” today and am feeling very much restored with a sense of God’s immense love for me in spite of the many wrong roads I have traveled with a knowing that God can and will restore my children as well in time, IF they choose to let Him – of course! The words “born again” seem inadequate to describe my personal restoration! My son, who is now 43 was not only restored but has since been married and brought four beautiful children into the world. He is extremely successful in his work and living a “restored” life himself. Given that he nearly went to prison for life, suffice it to say that God did for him through the Blessed Mother what I could not possibly have done for him! These thoughts came back to me after reading this treatise. It seems to me that we can all “reclaim” our innocence – but for the incredible grace and mercy of God!

  2. John says:

    Oh My! LOTS to contemplate herein!
    Sublime insights.

  3. Ginny Kroll says:

    Oh my! This post was filled to the brim. I have to keep going back and re-read sentence by sentence. How beautifully you expressed how God wants us to be! I’m blessed once again with your words of wisdom!

  4. Amy says:

    Wow! The last couple of lines are exactly what I needed to hear today. Thank you!

  5. James Ignatius McAuley says:

    Sue, so true . . . you made me think, we are all immaculately conceived in the mind of God, for nothing evil can come forth from God. The difference regarding the ever virgin Mary was that she was preconceived in God’s mind before the angels or we were. Venerable Maria de Agreda shows this in her first book of the Mystical City of God. Thus, Mary was before sin and its effects. This is shown in Proverb 8:22-31 where it states in the NABRE (all rights reserved):
    22 The Lord begot me, the beginning of his works,
    the forerunner of his deeds of long ago;
    23 From of old I was formed,[f]
    at the first, before the earth.
    24 When there were no deeps I was brought forth,
    when there were no fountains or springs of water;
    25 Before the mountains were settled into place,
    before the hills, I was brought forth;
    26 When the earth and the fields were not yet made,
    nor the first clods of the world.
    27 When he established the heavens, there was I,
    when he marked out the vault over the face of the deep;
    28 When he made firm the skies above,
    when he fixed fast the springs of the deep;
    29 When he set for the sea its limit,
    so that the waters should not transgress his command;
    When he fixed the foundations of earth,
    30 then was I beside him as artisan;
    I was his delight day by day,
    playing before him all the while,
    31 Playing over the whole of his earth,
    having my delight with human beings.
    This reading has traditionally been applied to the Virgin Mary. it is the Epistle for the Annunciation in the Byzantine Liturgy. 8:22 alone is traditionally used in the Brigittine Breviary (as put together by St. Brigit of Sweden) and was an argued by the Franciscans as applying to the Virgin Mary.

  6. Mary Corbett says:

    Thank you for your beautiful writing. The way that you have described the birth of our Savior rings true in my heart. And when I read about purification and completeness, I was sublimely amazed. Thank you for sharing.



  7. Michael Petrides says:

    Your words reflect God’s Will as Jesus foretold and prayed, “Thy Will be done on Earth as it is in Heaven.” The Holy Spirit has enlightened you and now many others as to how the Triumph of the Immaculate Heart of Mary is unfolding and is coming to full fruition in the very near future! The best resource in the world to better understand this transformation in glorious detail is Daniel O’Connor’s “The Crown of Sanctity,” available at no cost (as all God’s greatest gifts are) online or in print. Thank you for sharing an inspiration for the ages!

  8. solwarning says:

    Thank you ! Excellent .

    Reminds me of how Louisa Piccarreta explains Jesus and Mary desire for us to begin our journey back to our ‘Garden’ inheritance again, thru the Divine Will!

  9. Michael Petrides says:

    For convenience sake and tremendous insight into these times and the gift we have all been waiting for, here is the link to the no cost online copy of Daniel O’Connor’s “The Crown of Sanctity”:

    • Thank you so much!

      • Michael Petrides says:

        You’re very, very welcome! And for the “concise” version of “The Crown of Sanctity,” one can pick up a copy of “The Crown of History” in print. Everything is perfected in God’s love and the Renewal, the New Pentecost fulfills God’s Will to make everything new again through this incredible, yet perfectly comprehensive gift which the world needs and can now accept according to His plan at this time in history, living IN God’s Most Holy Will.

      • Karen says:

        The Servant of God Luisa Piccarreta was given the mission to explain how we are to fulfill the words of the Our Father as your article and reflections allude to. This gift of ‘Living in the Divine Will’ is found in her diary ‘The Book of Heaven’. The Vatican has published her biography ‘The Sun of My Will’ which includes an outline of what the Lord shared with her. May God bring us all into union with His Divine Will.

      • God Bless you. Years back my Spiritual Director gave me the 24 hours of the Passion by Luisa Piccarreta. That took me to the depths of God. Then one day a box arrived on my front porch with some of her writings on the Divine Will. I asked God what to make of this. He just said “make my will known.”

  10. Glorious! Thanks for this. Fiat!

  11. Domingo says:

    What beautiful insights related to the Incarnation! Because Mary was immaculately conceived, she would not be under the curse of birth pangs as Eve was and all women thence. I believe I read this from a mystic’s writings. Thank you.

  12. maryoregan13 says:

    Well done for this great post.

    Your mystical insight of the Nativity of Our Lord, where you saw Our Lady being like water and that Jesus came out of her like light passing through reminded me of St Thomas Aquinas saying that when Our Lord was born of Mary, He passed through her like light through glass.

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