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Illumination of Conscience

 “A great purification will come upon the world preceded by an “Illumination of conscience” in which everyone will see themselves as God sees them.” Blessed Anna Maria Taigi (1769–1837)   I want to tell you all a story before I get into the reason for the … Continue reading

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Be small

When pride comes, disgrace comes; but with the humble is wisdom – Proverbs 11:2 There is nothing so small as a child in the womb and a newborn child.  A newborn child doesn’t know the world yet.  They are completely … Continue reading

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Wiping the Face of Jesus

Hello, this is my very first blog ever.  To say I am scared to write down my thoughts would be an understatement.  But a friend who I really hadn’t spoken to in years advised me to write, so here I … Continue reading

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