Illumination of Conscience


 “A great purification will come upon the world preceded by an “Illumination of conscience” in which everyone will see themselves as God sees them.” Blessed Anna Maria Taigi (1769–1837)


I want to tell you all a story before I get into the reason for the title of this post.  Over the past several months my friends and I had noticed that there are four areas where Catholics and other Christians are poorly catechized.  These 4 areas are the Real Presence in the Eucharist, Confession, Mary the Mother of God, and Redemptive Suffering.  We each felt that one of these areas spoke greatly to us (all areas speak to all of us, but some of us felt called more to a specific one.)  We formed a group that we call the Intercessors of the Divine Will.  We each read a Gospel that we correlated with each topic.  For the Eucharist we assigned that person the Gospel of John.  For Confession we assigned the Gospel of Mark.  For Mary we assigned the Gospel of Matthew.  And for Redemptive Suffering we assigned the Gospel of Luke.  Because each of these Gospels has a symbol associated with them, we each adopted that symbol as our own.  You all know from my story of Veronica’s murder, how essential confession was to my change of heart, so I was assigned Confession and the Gospel of Mark, my symbol is the winged lion.

winged lion

The other ladies and men have also been assigned their Gospel with the corresponding symbols.

The Gospel of Luke – Redemptive Suffering is the Winged Ox;

winged ox


The Gospel of Matthew – Mary the Mother of God is the Winged Man or Angel;

winged man

The Gospel of John – The Eucharist is the Eagle;

John Eagle

Assigning these Gospels for each of us to read helped us to carve out our mission as Intercessors of the Divine Will.  We are running a series of retreats on these topics, and we pray together.  Our mission is to help spread the Divine Will on earth as it is in heaven, and to pray for Priests by name.  We pray for intercession on behalf of people who are suffering and need help.   Our Patron is Our Lady Healer of Families because we feel healing in the family is essential to the Divine Will being lived on earth, which will bring healing to us in a much larger way. We are currently in the process of seeking an imprimatur for the Devotion to Our Lady Healer of Families, and we will abide by whatever Holy Mother Church decides.

Why am I telling you all this?  First, it been a such a blessing to pray with the men and women who are part of this.  I eventually envision this being spread to other areas.  In trying to organize and get these small groups praying together (which has definitely taken some time) we have come across many wonderful people.   Recently I came across a man who is an evangelical convert.  We all prayed together for another man who was in need of help.  The evangelical convert prayed specifically for “God to send Angels in Number, Power, and Authority to protect this man.”  He then prayed for “Jesus to convict his heart with his own sins.”  He explained to us that conviction is not condemnation, and conviction — seeing how God sees you — how God sees your sin but still loves you beyond measure will call a persons heart to conversion.   Within a week the man we prayed for called me.  He said two things that struck me.  He said, “I felt protected”, and he said “I had an epiphany in my heart about my own part in turning away from God and that it could be the cause of some of my problems and how I need to turn back to him.”  He felt protected and we had called on angels.  He had an epiphany of his own soul, and we had asked for conviction of his soul.  I was AMAZED.  I don’t know why, because God is always good and Amazing, so it shouldn’t come as any surprise.

This man had an illumination of conscience.  He had it, I believe, directly because of our prayers because when we do what God asks, as part of the communion of Saints and His Mystical Body, God acts.  This got me thinking about the Catholic Prophecy of Illumination of Conscience. It was spoken about by Blessed Anna Marie Taigi, which is in the quote above.  But probably most famously at the Garabandal Spain apparitions.  In Garabandal it was called a warning.  It is a warning because if we are sinning greatly it becomes a warning call to repentance.  I actually believe it is a rescue because it rescues our souls from the peril they are in.

Anyone who reads the news today can see the world is in desperate need of repentance.  Repentance comes when we see our own soul as God sees it.  We see our sin, and it makes us want to stop sinning when we see how much God loves us.  For some, I imagine seeing the state they are in could come as quite a fright, but an Illumination of Conscience would be a mercy for them then, a chance to reconcile with God.  It would give one a chance to repent and see the God of Love who calls them.  This repentance brings forgiveness.  Forgiveness of ourselves and of others brings healing and purification.  Healing and purification brings the spread of the love of God.  The spread of the Love of God brings heaven on earth.

So today, I call on each of you to pray for your loved ones and for all human kind to be protected by angels.  And most especially to pray for our own hearts to be convicted of our sins and for God to convict the hearts of our loved ones and all of humanity.   I recommend Ignatius’ “Whole Life Confession” by Rev. William Watson to help you see for yourself.  Show us who we are.  Ask God for the illumination of conscience.  I believe it would bring mass conversion, and help to usher in an era of peace.

About veilofveronica

I am a mother and wife as well as an RCIA and Adult Faith Formation catechist at a parish in the south. I have 3 children and a great husband.
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16 Responses to Illumination of Conscience

  1. Christina says:

    Susan, as you may or may not know, I’m a Lebanese American currently living in Syria and I follow your posts all the time. I feel so drawn to know you and pray with you! I will try harder to pray (I’ve been failing but determined to overcome this “silence” in my prayer life) and join my prayers with yours and your group. God bless 🙂

  2. Anne says:

    Thank you. What you and companions are doing sounds inspired and inspiring.
    Last night psalm 139 verses23-24 came to my attention. Then I read your entry this morning!!

  3. Mary Hoyle says:

    I’m in! Thank you thank you thank you!

  4. Joe Crozier says:

    Hi Susan
    The Aviso we are told will be “a sign, a grace or a punishment in other words a warning.” It will be an education of the offense. It will correct the conscience of the world. It will offer us a better and closer relationship with God because we will see clearly how we stand with God in his mercy and in His Justice and in His Love. It will be very hard to take but we will be given the strength we need. It will be the worst day of our lives but also the best. Its purpose is to generate conversion that will equal apostasy. This outcome is already promised. Our lesson in conversion will culminate in The Great Miracle which is for the conversion of the world that all may love the Sacred and Immaculate Hearts. The fear of the Lord is the beginning of wisdom and this fear consists in first acknowledging God in every turn of our lives that we may always take the next right step and so always be a sign of hope for others.

    • I actually haven’t read up too much about the illumination of conscience so thanks for the information. My thought was just that if we pray for our loved ones now… perhaps conviction can take place for conversion now.

    • The first one we should pray for to have conviction of our sins is ourselves. I have been doin Ignatius whole life confession and it is very cleansing.

  5. Susan, today, I was seeing so many prayer needs for September that I felt slightly frazzled. During Rosary just now, I prayed for calm and the thought popped into my head that perhaps I needed to call upon St Michael – I have a novena to him that I’ve used before. And last year I gave my kids a simplified version of it too. Your post here confirms that this is my prayer path for September. Thank you!

  6. Mary Jank says:

    Peace Susan,

    Thank you for your courage and beautiful writing. A friend shared this and I will be passing it on also. So much of what I have read ties in with what God has brought before me over the past five years from Marian Consecration to Forgiveness (especially Immaculee Ilibigazi), the 19th Annotation, Healing – much of what I would say came from being convicted by God to know my sin and to NOT judge others –> we are all on a journey; however we must know our faith and defend it, and PRAYER especially for Priests, Spouses, Parents, and those who are hurting. Again, Thank you! Also if you are not aware of it there is a Beautiful Website and book of Praying for Priests. See A triple pray for you, prayerfully Mary

  7. God's Child says:

    How wonderful! Prayers for priests and families…by good people whose spiritual eyes are open to the battles raging in so many lives. Miracles spring from grace seeds scattered by the faithful prayers and rosaries of those with faith.
    My family is a testimony to the real changes that are possible through prayer. Thank you for the prayers by you and Caitlynnegrace in the recent past which have combined with mine to shine the light of grace on the troubled marriages of my two daughters. God hears our relentless pleas. Evil flees the battle when our Blessed Mother illuminates the darkness. They and their families have experienced the power of mercy and forgiveness and are together in God’s Will.
    God love and protect you and the other “Intercessors of the Divine Will”. I intend on asking our little prayer group to follow your example when we meet on October 1st.

    God’s Child

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  9. Michelle Nardo says:

    The gift of all of His gifts is that of living IN (not simply doing) the Divine Will. The third fiat, sanctification, is that gift. You cannot speak of Divine Will without being linked to the Servant
    Of God, Luisa Piccarreta. By reading this article, you are being called by God. All one has to do is learn of the gift then desire it and He will take care of the rest! Fiat. Thy Kingdom come, Thy will be done!

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