Consecrate yourselves to Saint Joseph and call on the Mercy of God


As Almighty God appointed Joseph, son of the Patriarch Jacob, over all the land of Egypt to save grain for the people, so when the fullness of time was come and he was about to send on earth his only begotten Son, the Savior of the world, he chose another Joseph of whom the first had been a type, and made him lord and chief of his household and possessions, the guardian of his choicest treasures.  Blessed Pope Pius IX


Over the past several years, with my prayer group of friends the Lord has poured over us about the Holy Family, Jesus, Mary and Joseph.   We knew from scripture and from approved prophecy we could be headed for tumultuous times.  I believe those times have arrived.  Over these past several years of praying with this group of wonderful people the fruit was many written prayers;

The Litany and novena to Our Lady Healer of Families

The Litany to the the Divine Child, Sacred Heart of Families

The Litany to Saint Joseph Anchor of Families

The Prayer for our Children

The Prayer for our Spouse

The Prayer for Priests

The Prayer for Illumination of Conscience

The Prayer of the Beloved to the Holy Family

And time and time again the Lord has pointed out the Spiritual Importance of Saint Joseph.  How he was the Terror of Demons, and Full of Grace.

It was no surprise to us that Father Donald Calloway was led by God to write the book on the Consecration to Saint Joseph. 

A lot of my friends and I have been doing this daily prepping for tomorrow when we will consecrate ourselves.

Today I received this message from my friend Ashley.  If ever anyone I know had the gift of wisdom, it is her.  I post what she wrote here;

March 19 is the feast of St. Joseph. Let us consecrate ourselves to St. Joseph tomorrow, even if you haven’t done the 33 days preparation.  We should do this as a household,

with whomever we are in a home with on March 19.

God is turning our hearts back to our families. To live simply much like the Holy Family lived.  To allow the Holy Spirit to dwell amongst us in our own homes.  To bring our focus on the Divine Child Jesus, who lives in our midst and whom we adore, just as Mary and Joseph lived in the constant presence of the Lord and in Holy Adoration with each gaze upon their Son.
We are also being called to reach out to those who live alone,  those nearest to us,  our neighbors.  Bring the light of Christ to them during this very lonely time in their isolation.  We don’t need to panic because God is the God over all of these things, but we do need to be awake as Scripture tells us.  Without anxiety we must live in the present moment and let the Lord take care of the future.  If more comes at us, a weakened or collapsed economy, communication going down, social unrest, we must be living sanctuaries who know how to reach out.  It will be the community nearest to you that you will need to uplift and support.
The Lord also wants to speak to us about fear.  Fear of the Lord is good.  It is a gift of the Holy Spirit.  But irrational fear, one that makes us panic, is a spirit and comes from the wrong Kingdom.  It is from the devil.  Examen the fear in your heart.  If it calls you to reverence to God, if it calls you to prayer and fasting, if it calls you to reach out to those in need, it is from God.  If the fear causes you to act irrationally, if it causes you panic and to close in on yourself, if it leads you to do things that aren’t in charity, then it is from the devil tempting you.  We must be daily examining our fear for it is a spirit heavy in the air.  May we dispel all irrational fear and humble ourselves before the God we fear above all else.  He will shield us under His wings if we let him and the devil will be crushed under foot.
Stay home. Cling to the cross at this time.  Pray and fast.  Steep yourself in Sacred Scriptures daily.
Peace – Ashley
As I read what she wrote, I knew it to be true.  I think of Poland too, the daughter that rises up, as my friend Leah sent me this picture of the Polish lying prostrate from 2015 – this is the position we should all be in;
Poland lying prostrate
Let us turn to our Spiritual Father, Saint Joseph and consecrate ourselves to the one who guarded the bread of Life who came to earth.  Let us bow down to our creator and invoke his mercy in reparation for our sins.  God will not abandon us who cry out to Him, but He will purify us and bring us back to what matters most.  Be at peace my friends, God’s plan is greater than anything you have ever seen.

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I am a mother and wife as well as an RCIA and Adult Faith Formation catechist at a parish in the south. I have 3 children and a great husband.
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4 Responses to Consecrate yourselves to Saint Joseph and call on the Mercy of God

  1. Beth says:

    I have been doing the 33 Day Consecration to St. Joseph preparation with my church. My husband has not been doing the preparation. In Adoration the other day I had the thought come into my head that my husband should also Consecrate himself with me tomorrow. I wasn’t sure if this was ok as he hadn’t done the prep work so I asked St. Joseph if this is really what God was telling me and if so to send me confirmation. I consider this blog confirmation.

    Thank you! It has been a difficult yet miraculous time these last 33 Days with St. Joseph. He has entered my home and turned it upside down in unimaginable ways. He’s cleaning house! I am so excited to have my husband join me tomorrow.

    God Bless you and your ministry!


    • This is largely the same with us. Remember it was a lot of women at the foot of cross and only one Apostle – sometimes we women just need to guide them a little. That’s what Mary did all along- even for Joseph. Her holiness was apparent to Him. That’s why he would never put her to shame. And He listened when God spoke.

  2. Ismael Fierro says:

    Thank you Susan… I have been also doing this daily and look forward to consecrate myself with my family to St Joseph

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