Thy Will be Done on Earth

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Our Father, Who art in Heaven, hallowed be Thy name; Thy Kingdom come, Thy will be done on earth as it is in Heaven. Give us this day our daily bread; and forgive us our trespasses as we forgive those who trespass against us; and lead us not into temptation, but deliver us from evil. Amen.

We pray this prayer in the Our Father.  Thy will be done on earth.  Do we mean it when we pray it?  How does God’s will get done on earth as it is in heaven?  Have you ever asked yourself that question?

I have been pondering that a lot lately.  So let’s take a look at the line that comes before that.  Thy Kingdom come…thy will be done, it seems that God’s will being done on earth as it is in heaven has to do with God’s Kingdom.

I have been privileged and honored to meet recently a man named Jansen Bagwell who is an ex-charismatic evangelical pastor that converted to Catholicism.  Jansen is helping our Intercessory prayer team learn about the Kingdom of God.  Learning from both Jansen and my Spiritual Director has drawn me deeper into relationship with Our Lord.   If we can understand the concept of God’s Kingdom, then practically speaking, we can live God’s will on earth.  Living God’s will on earth is how the earth gets transformed from a place of division and hatred to a place of Love.  If you truly are a believer, then we must believe what the Word of God has taught us; which is, that the supernatural world is real.

  “For we are not contending against flesh and blood, but against principalities, against the powers, against the world rulers of this present darkness, against the spiritual hosts of wickedness in the heavenly places.” Ephesians 6: 12 RSV

Basically the whole world is God’s Kingdom because He is the creator of it.  Jesus is the King of our Kingdom and He wants all of us to be a part of this Kingdom.  Satan likes to think he also has a Kingdom, but in reality, he has to operate within the laws of God’s kingdom.  He is opposed to God’s kingdom, but we must remember that God and Satan are not equals.  Satan was originally an angel of light created by God, therefore he is subject to the laws of God.  God allows this because God does not revoke free will, and he let Satan make his choice.  But for practical purposes sake, I will refer to two Kingdoms, God’s Kingdom and Satan’s.  I do this in order for you to understand, you choose who you serve.

One of the issues today is that people have stopped believing in this, they have stopped believing in the supernatural.  But I am here to tell you, the supernatural world is real, as real as the world we live in, and there is a battle that is raging around us.

I can clearly see how St. Paul is outlining how to live in God’s Kingdom by telling us to,  “Put on the whole Armor of God”.  If we can understand this, we can help to usher in God’s Kingdom.  Let’s break down what St. Paul is saying.

Remember that when St. Paul was writing this, he was in prison.  He was looking at Roman soldiers every day, so he could equate how to live God’s Kingdom with what he was seeing in front of him.  I recently did the Jeff Cavins bible study on Ephesians, he helped me understand the armor Roman soldiers used. Let’s break it down;

“Therefore take on the whole armor of God, that you may be able to withstand evil in the day, and having done all, to stand.” Ephesians 6:13

Paul is telling us to literally “put on Christ”.  Christ is our King.  By virtue of our Baptism we are in covenant with our King.  We have exchanged our soiled sinful garments for the white garment of purity and love.  Our Confirmation gives us the boost of the Holy Spirit to proclaim this covenant and its ability to free us totally and completely.  This covenant we are in is the law in God’s kingdom.  But it is more than law, it is the exchange of persons.  We give Christ all of us, and He gives us all of Him.  We definitely get the better end of the deal in this exchange because we give both weakness and strength, but He gives us only strength.  The question you have to ask yourself is, have you done this?  Have you given Christ all of yourself?  The good and the bad?  Have you asked Him to form your will to His? Or are you trying to conform His will to yours?

Next St. Paul says; Stand therefore, having fastened the belt of truth around your waist…” Ephesians 6:14

What is the belt of truth?  The Roman soldiers used the belt to gird their loins so they could easily move.  A belt might also be where they stored their weapon, a sword.  In God’s kingdom, where Jesus is King, the belt of Truth comes from the Word of God.  This is akin to the Constitution of God’s Kingdom.  The Magisterium of the Church helps to interpret this truth.  They are akin to the Supreme Court in God’s Kingdom.  Do you read the Bible so you can know Gods truth?  Do you listen to the Magisterium of the church so you aren’t making up your own interpretation of everything?  This is how you know truth.  If you gird your loins in this belt, you will be able to discern good and evil in the world around you.  You must speak and live truth in LOVE.  Prayer is our communication with our King.  One form of prayer is the Rosary which the Dominican order wears around the waist (like a belt with a sword), as a weapon of God.  The Rosary is a prayer that walks you through Christ’s life, along with his mother, and helps you to know these scriptural truths.

St. Paul goes onto say in verse 14; “and having put on the breastplate of righteousness…”

The Roman soldiers used the breastplate to protect their heart and lungs in battle.  For Christians, we too must protect our hearts.  Sin enters first into our hearts until we act on it with our hands, so we must take care to protect our hearts.  Satan would love nothing more than to enter your heart and pull you away from God’s kingdom.  How do we protect our hearts?  With righteousness.  As a citizen of God’s Kingdom we have access to rights and privileges of the Kingdom, there is a code of ethics we live.  What did God leave us as a privilege to help us live out these ethics?  The Sacrament of Confession, and the Sacrament of the Eucharist.  When we take care to examine our conscience and go to Confession to a Priest, we are helping to secure the breastplate of righteousness. It helps keep that Covenant exchange pure, where we continually give to God our weakness in order to receive His strength.  Once we are pure we can receive the Lord in the Sacrament of the Eucharist and it is how we as citizens continue to “put on God.”  We literally have access to the Living God at each and every Mass.  We are privileged to have access to these Sacraments and must make use of them as part of our Armor.

Verse 15 continues; and having shod your feet with equipment of the Gospel of Peace.”

The Roman soldiers had a piece of equipment that would cover their feet.  When we are clothed in Christ, Jesus becomes our peace.  We do not have to be afraid of Satan because Christ has won the victory.  We often see Our Lady, and St. Michael with their foot on top of Satan’s head.  This is because they are clothed in Christ.  They have the armor to step on the Head of Satan.  We are called as citizens of the Kingdom to do this as well.  Reject Satan and use our armor to crush his head.  If you want to bring peace into the world, when making decisions, pray, and ask yourself, whose kingdom am I serving?

St. Paul continues; “besides all these, taking the shield of faith, with which you can quench all the flaming Darts of the Evil one.” Ephesians 6:16

The shield of faith is very powerful.  If you think of a worldly Kingdom, one of the things that can make it powerful is money.  The currency of God’s Kingdom is faith.  When we believe, when we have faith, mountains can be moved.  The Roman soldiers had shields that had wet leather stretched over them.  That wet leather helped to put out the flaming arrows the enemy shot that could burn an entire city if it hit the right place.  For us, the enemy shoots flaming arrows of temptation at us.  Satan is actually trying to train you how to think.  He wants to remove you from God’s kingdom and to break the covenant between you and God.  Those thoughts that we have that are not of God that are shot at us constantly.  If we have faith, we can protect ourselves.  If we internalize the temptation and take it into our hearts, that is when we are in danger.  That is when we turn from God toward sin.  By armoring ourselves with prayer and the sacraments, we are less likely to internalize that voice of temptation.  The enemy tries often to tell us we are not loved, we are not good enough, or that we are better than someone else.  He will attack anyway he can.  We must put up our shield of faith, recognize where the thought is coming from, and decide am I going to listen to this?  If we internalize the enemy’s voice and start believing it, we set ourselves on the path to perdition.  Remember the waters of your baptism, reject Satan, and the flaming arrow gets put out.

Additionally we have more tools at our disposal in this war.  The shield was also used by the Roman army to bond together.  They would line up shoulder to shoulder as a wall.  This helped to keep the enemy back and could be used as an offensive move.  When we in the Kingdom recognize we are not alone, there are many citizens in God’s kingdom, and when we bond together, we are living the Communion of Saints.  The Church Triumphant has angels defending us and Saints praying for us.  The Church suffering also prays for us.  We the Church Militant can bond with this army of the Communion of Saints to claim Christ’s already won Victory over Satan.  We are all the body of Christ.

Verse 17 states; “And take the helmet of Salvation, and the sword of the Spirit, which is the Word of God.”

When we wear the helmet of Salvation, we know Christ already won the victory.  We also don’t accept false ideologies in our minds.  We do not accept the confused ideology of Satan.  We know the word of God, and we live it with the Holy Spirit in us.  We will not despair.  We will not be anxious.  We will be living the Peace that God brings.

Lastly, “Pray at all times in the Spirit, with all prayer and supplication.  To that end keep alert with all perseverance, making supplication for all Saints.” Ephesians 6:18

Prayer is the way we can hear our King.  Every decision we make should be brought to our King through prayer.  Remember, whose Kingdom are you serving?  If you are not asking God, even in the little things, you can be subject to the flaming darts from the evil one.

If you truly take all of this into your heart, believe in your Baptism and Confirmation and act on them, and go to Confession and receive the Eucharist with confident faith, you will be clothing yourself in the love of God’s Kingdom.  Clothing in love ushers in God’s will on Earth, as it is in heaven.  It transforms individuals, families, communities and nations.  Be not afraid, and “Put on the Armor of God.” 

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I am a mother and wife as well as an RCIA and Adult Faith Formation catechist at a parish in the south. I have 3 children and a great husband.
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21 Responses to Thy Will be Done on Earth

  1. Brea Cannon says:

    This is wonderful! Thank you for breaking that down in such the manner. Sending love and prayers.

  2. James Ignatius McAuley says:

    Susan, be patient with me, but Jeff Cavins (a good guy) is not the true, original source of your explanation on Ephesians. I must give credit where credit is due to the great Origen, who wrote the first commentary on Ephesians before the year 250. His thought on Ephesians was brought to the western Latin church by St. Jerome in his superb commentary on Ephesians.

    • Thanks James. I just know it wasn’t me so I wanted to make sure people knew that and what I learned I learned from that study. Perhaps Jeff says he learned it from Origen and St Jerome but I don’t remember. I think we all want to spread the Kingdom so hopefully I didn’t offend dear Origen or St Jerome 🙂

  3. Hopenjoy says:

    For years, every day as I drive away from home, I “pray on” the Armor of God, reciting these Scriptures from Ephesians. Mentally imagining each piece and making a motion as if putting it on. Getting dressed for the day! I also “pray on” a mantle of humility and that I am in Mama Mary’s army with her rosary in my pocket. I then plead the Blood of Christ and apply the benefits of the Blood of Christ for divine provision, protection and blessing, and name off myself and immediate family members, then “lump in” many other people including loved one, friends, family and all those in my territory of souls, placing them all in the Sacred Heart of Jesus. By then, I’m at the end of the driveway and headed off for the day, well dressed and well protected.

  4. For my recent questions and struggles, I have found many answers here. God bless you for this precious piece, Susan.

    God Creating Adam Michelangelo, Sistine Chapel Ceiling, Vatican City
    203. The « Our Father ».
    28th June 1945.
    Jesus comes out with His apostles from a house near the walls and I think that they are still in the Bezetha district, because to go outside the walls, one must pass again by Joseph’s house, near the Gate, which I hear people call Herod’s Gate. The town is semideserted in the placid moonlit evening. I understand that they have celebrated Passover in one of Lazarus’ houses, which, however, is not the one of the Last Supper. They are, in fact, poles apart. One in the north, the other in the south of Jerusalem.
    On the doorstep Jesus takes leave, with His usual kindness, of John of Endor, who is to take care of the women and whom He thanks for accepting that task. He kisses Marjiam, who has also come to the door and then sets out for Herod’s Gate.
    « Where are we going, Lord? »
    « Come with Me. I am taking you to crown Passover with a rare longed for pearl. That is why I wanted to be alone with you. My apostles! Thank you, My friends, for your great love for Me. If you could see how it comforts Me, you would be amazed. See: I proceed among continuous frictions and disappointments. Disappointments for you. You must convince yourselves that I am never disappointed, because I have not been granted the gift of ignoring… That is another reason why I advise you to agree to be guided by Me. If I allow this or that thing, do not hinder it. If I do not interfere to put an end to something, do not endeavour to do it yourselves. Each thing is to be done at the right moment. Trust Me, in everything. »
    They are at the north-east comer of the circuit of the walls; they turn round it and proceed along the hill of Moriah to a point where they can cross the Kidron by a little bridge.
    « Are we going to Gethsemane? » asks James of Alphaeus.
    « No. Farther up. To the Mount of Olives. »
    « Oh! It will be lovely! » says John.
    « Also the boy would have liked it » whispers Peter.
    « Oh! There will be many more opportunities for him to come here! He was tired. He is only a boy. I want to give you a great thing because the right moment has now come for you to have it. »
    They climb up among the olive-trees, leaving Gethsemane on the right, until they reach the top of the mountain, where the leaves of the olive-trees are rustling in the wind.
    Jesus stops and says: « Let us stop… My dear disciples who are to continue My work in future, come near Me. Many a time you have said to Me: “Teach us to pray as You pray. Teach us, as John taught his disciples, so that we may pray with the same words as our Master”. And I always replied to you: “I will do that when I see in you the minimum sufficient preparation so that the prayer may not be a vain formula of human words, but a real conversation with the Father”. That moment has now come. You now possess what is necessary to know the words worth being said to God. And I want to teach you them this evening, in peace and in our mutual love, in the peace and love of God and with God, because as true Israelites we have fulfilled the Passover precept and we have complied with God’s commandment concerning love for God and our neighbour. One of you has suffered very much during the past days. He suffered undeservedly, also because of his effort to repress his indignation roused by the undeserved deed. Yes, Simon of Jonah, come here. Not one throb of your honest heart has been concealed from Me, neither has there been any grief that I have not shared with you. Both I and your companions… »
    « But You, my Lord, have been offended more than I was! And that was for me a greater pain,… no… a more sensitive… no, not that… a more… more. Well: that Judas should have loathed to be present at my feast, has hurt me as a man. But to see You grieved and offended has hurt me in a different way and I suffered twice as much… I… I do not want to boast and show off by using Your words… But I must say, and if it is due to pride in me, tell me, I must say that I suffered with my soul… and it hurts more. »
    « It is not pride, Simon. You suffered spiritually, because Simon of Jonah, a fisherman in Galilee, is changing into Peter of Jesus, the Master of the spirit, so that also His disciples are becoming active and wise in the spirit. It is for this progress of Yours in the life of the spirit, it is because of such progress of you all, that I want to teach you the prayer this evening. How much you have changed after the solitary retreat! »
    « Everybody, Lord? » asks Bartholomew who sounds rather incredulous.
    « I understand what you mean… But I am speaking to you eleven. Not to anyone else… »
    « But what is the matter with Judas of Simon, Master? We do not understand him any more… He seemed so changed, but now, since we left the lake… » says Andrew desolately.
    « Be quiet, brother. I have the key to the mystery! A little bit of Beelzebub has stuck to him. He went to look for it in the cave at Endor to astonish us… and he was served as he deserved! The Master said it on that day… At Gamala the demons rushed into the pigs. At Endor the demons came out of that poor wretch of John and went into him… We know that… we know… Let me tell them, Master! I have it here, in my throat, and if I do not say it, it will not come out and it will poison me… »
    « Be good, Simon! »
    « Yes, Master… and I would assure You that I will not be rude to him. But I say and think that since Judas is a vicious fellow – and we all know that – he is somewhat similar to a pig… and obviously demons willingly choose pigs when… changing their dwelling places. There it is: I have said it. »
    « Do you think it is thus? » asks James of Zebedee.
    « What else can it be! There is no other reason why he should be so intractable. He is worse now than he was at the Clear Water! And there one might have thought that the place and the season made him so nervous. But now… »
    « There is another reason, Simon… »
    « Tell us, Master. I will be happy to change my mind about my companion. »
    « Judas is jealous. He is agitated because he is jealous. »
    « Jealous? Of whom? He is not married, and even if he were, and went with women, I think that none of us would be rude to a fellow disciple… »
    « He is jealous of Me. Just think: Judas changed after Endor and after Esdraelon. That is, when he saw that I was taking care of John and of Jabez. But now that John, above all, John, will be going away, as he will be leaving Me and staying with Isaac, you will see that Judas will become merry and good once again… »
    « Well!… But You are not going to tell me that he is not possessed by a little demon. And above all… No, I will say it! And above all You will not tell me that he has improved during these last months. I was jealous as well, last year… I would not have liked anybody except the six of us, the first six, do You remember? Now, now… Let me invoke God just this once as witness to what I am going to say. Now I say that the more the disciples increase in numbers around You, the happier I am. Oh! I would like to bring all men to You and I would also like to have all the necessary means to help those who are in need, so that misery may not hinder anyone from coming to You. God sees whether I am telling the truth. But why am I thus now? Because I let You change me. He… has not changed. On the contrary… Yes, Master… A little demon has possessed him… »
    « Do not say that. Do not think that. Pray that he may be cured. Jealousy is a disease… »
    « Of which one can be cured, beside You, if one wants to. Ah! I will put up with him, for Your sake… But, how difficult it is!… »
    « I gave you a prize for that: the boy. And now I will teach you how to pray… »
    « Oh! yes, Brother. Let us speak of that… and let us remember my namesake only as one who is in need of prayer. I think he has already had his punishment. He is not with us just now! » says Judas Thaddeus.
    « Listen. When you pray, pray thus: “Our Father, Who are in Heaven, may Your name be held holy, Your Kingdom come on earth as it is in Heaven, and may Your will be done on earth as it is in Heaven. Give us today our daily bread, forgive us our debts as we forgive those who are in debt to us, and do not put us to the test, but save us from the Evil One”. »
    Jesus has stood up to say the prayer and everybody has imitated Him, attentively and moved.
    « Nothing else is required, My friends. Everything man needs for his spirit and his flesh and blood is contained in these words as in a golden ring. With this prayer you ask for what is useful to the former and the latter two. And if you do what you ask for, you will gain eternal life. It is so perfect a prayer that neither the storms of heresies nor the course of ages will undermine it. Christianity will be split by Satan’s bite and many parts of My mystic body will be torn off and separated, forming independent cells in the vain desire to form a body as perfect as the mystical Body of Christ will be, which is the one formed by all the faithful believers united in the apostolic Church, the only true Church, as long as the earth exists. But those separated little cells, devoid of the gifts, which I will leave to the Mother Church to nourish My children, will always be denominated Christian, because of their worship of the Christ, and in their error they will always remember that they derive from the
    Christ. Well, they will pray with this universal prayer as well. Remember it carefully. Meditate on it continuously. Practise it in your actions. You need nothing else to sanctify yourselves. If one were alone, in a heathen place, without churches, without books, one would already have all the knowledge to meditate on in this prayer and a church in his heart for this prayer. One would have a safe rule of sanctification.
    “Our Father”.
    I call Him: “Father”. Father of the Word, Father of the Incarnate. That is how I want you to call Him because you are all one with Me, if you remain in Me. Once man had to prostrate himself with his face on the ground to whisper, trembling with fear: “God!” He who does not believe in Me and in My word is still in such paralyzing fear… Watch the interior of the Temple. Not God, but the very remembrance of God is concealed from the eyes of the faithful by a treble veil. He who prays is separated by remoteness and veils, everything has been devised to say to him: “You are mud. He is Light. You are contemptible. He is Holy. You are a slave. He is King”.
    But now!… Stand up! Come near Me! I am the Eternal Priest. I can take you by the hand and say: “Come”. I can grasp the veils and draw them, and thus throw open the inaccessible place closed so far. Closed? Why? Closed by Sin, yes. But even more closed by the dispirited thought of man. Why closed if God is Love, if God is father? I can, I must, I want to take you not into the dust, but into the azure; not far, but near; not as slaves, but as children on to the heart of God.
    Say: “Father! Father!”. And never tire repeating this word. Do you not know that every time you say it, Heaven shines because of God’s joy? If you said with true love no other word but that one, you would be saying a prayer pleasing to the Lord. “Father! Father!” the little ones say to their fathers. It is the first word they say: “Mother, father”. You are the little children of God. I begot you from the old man you were and whom I destroyed by means of My love to give birth to the new man, the Christian. Call, therefore, the Most Holy Father Who is in Heaven, with the first word that little children learn.
    “May Your Name be held holy”.
    Oh! Name, which is holier and sweeter than any other name and which the fear of the guilty taught you to conceal under a different one. No, no longer Adonai. He is God. He is the God Who in an excess of love created Mankind. And Mankind, from now onwards, with lips cleansed by the purification that I am preparing, should call Him by His Name, awaiting to fully comprehend the true meaning of the Incomprehensible One, when the best children of Mankind, united to Him, will rise to the Kingdom that I have come to establish.
    “Your Kingdom come on earth as it is in Heaven”.
    Desire its coming with all your strength. If it came, it would be the joy of the earth. The Kingdom of God in hearts, in families, among citizens and nations. Suffer, work, sacrifice yourselves for this Kingdom. Let the earth be a mirror reflecting the life of Heaven in each individual. It will happen. All this will happen one day. Centuries of tears and blood, of errors, persecutions, of darkness relieved by flashes of light radiating from the mystical Light of My Church will precede the moment in which the earth will possess the Kingdom of God. Oh! My Church: although a boat, it will never be sunk, as it is also a cliff unshakeable by breakers and will hold high the Light, My Light, the Light of God. And it will then be like the intense blazing of a star which, having reached the perfection of its existence, disintegrates, an immeasurable flower of the ethereal gardens, to breathe its existence and love at the feet of its Creator, in a rutilant throb. But it will most certainly come. And then there will be the perfect, blessed eternal Kingdom of Heaven.
    “And may Your will be done on earth as it is in Heaven”.
    The submission of one’s will to the will of another person can be accomplished only when one reaches perfect love for that creature. The submission of one’s will to God’s can be achieved only when one achieves possession of the theological virtues in a heroic degree. In Heaven, where everything is faultless, God’s will is done. You, children of Heaven, must learn to do what is done in Heaven.
    “Give us today our daily bread”.
    When you are in Heaven, God alone will be your nourishment. Beatitude will be your food. But here, you still need bread and since you are the children of God, it is only fair to say: “Father, give us some bread”. Are you afraid He will not hear you? Oh! no! Just think: If one of you has a friend and, if he finds out that he has no bread to offer another friend or relative, who has arrived in the middle of the night, goes to his friend saying: “Lend me three loaves, because a guest has arrived and I have nothing to give him to eat”, can he possibly hear his friend answer him from inside the house: “Do not bother me, I have already bolted the door and my children are already sleeping beside me. I cannot get up and give you what you want”? No. If he has applied to a true friend and if he insists, he will receive what he asks for. He would receive it also if he applied to someone who was not a very good friend. He would be satisfied because of his insistence, as his friend, of whom he asked the favour, will hasten to give him what he wants, so that he may no longer be bothered.
    But when you pray the Father, you do not turn to a friend of the earth, but you apply to the Perfect Friend Who is the Father of Heaven. That is why I say to you: “Ask, and it will be given to you, search, and you will find, knock and the door will be opened to You”. For the one who asks will receive, the one who searches always finds, the one who knocks will have the door opened to him. What father among you would hand his son a stone when he asked for bread? Or hand him a snake instead of a roasted fish? A father who did that to his own children would be a criminal. I have already told you and I will repeat it to convince you to be good and trustful. As a sound-minded person would not give a scorpion instead of an egg, with what greater bounty will God give you what you ask for! Because He is good, whereas you are more or less wicked. Ask, therefore, the Father for your bread with humble filial love.
    “Forgive us our debts as we forgive those who are in debt to us”
    There are material debts and spiritual ones. There are also moral debts. The money or the goods that one has received as a loan and must give back, are a material debt. Esteem extorted and not Oven back and love wanted and not returned are a moral debt. To obey God, from Whom one would exact much giving Him very little, and to love Him are a spiritual debt. He loves us and is to be loved, as a mother, a wife, a son, from whom so much is exacted, are to be loved. A selfish man wants to receive, but does not give. But an egoist is poles apart from Heaven. We are in debt to everybody. From God to a relative, from a relative to a friend, from a friend to our neighbour, to a servant, to a slave, because they are all beings like ourselves. Woe to him who does not forgive! He will not be forgiven. God, out of justice, cannot remit the debt of a man who is in debt to Him, the Most Holy One, if man does not forgive his fellow man.
    “Do not put us to the test, but save us from the Evil One”.
    The man who did not feel the need to share the Passover supper with us, asked Me, less than a year ago: “What? You asked not to be tempted and to be helped against temptation?”. There were only the two of us… and I replied. Later we were four, in a lonely area, and I replied once again. But still to no avail, because when dealing with an unyielding spirit it is necessary to open a breach by demolising the evil fortress of his stubbornness. And I will, therefore, repeat it once, ten times, one hundred times until everything is accomplished.
    But since you are not hardened by strange doctrines or by even stranger passions, I beg you to pray thus. Pray with humility that God may avert temptations from you. Oh! humility! To know oneself for what one is! Without losing heart, but to know oneself! Say: “I may give in, even if I do not think I could do it, because I am but an imperfect judge of myself. Therefore, Father, if possible, deliver me from temptations by keeping me so close to You as not to allow the Evil One to harm me”. Because, remember, it is not God Who tempts you to evil things, but it is the Evil One who tempts you. Pray the Father that He may support your weakness so that it may not be led into temptation by the Evil One.
    I have told you everything, My beloved ones. This is My second Passover among You. Last year we shared only our bread and the lamb. This year I give you My prayer. I will have other gifts for My future Passovers amongst you, so that, when I shall have gone where the Father wants Me, you may have a remembrance of Me, the Lamb, at every feast of the Mosaic lamb.
    Get up and let us go. We shall go back to town at dawn. Nay: tomorrow, you, Simon, and you, My brother (and He points at Judas), will go to fetch the women and the boy. You, Simon of Jonah, and you all, will stay with Me until they come back. Then we shall all go to Bethany together. »
    And they go down to Gethsemane, where they enter the house to rest.

    Written by Maria Valtorta. From: POEM OF THE MAN-GOD, Volume 2, Chapter 203.

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  14. says:

    Everyone laughed trying to imagine what sort of party Mary and Joseph gave for Jesus when He was six.
    Larry wondered, ?I wager he favored the same kind of toys we like.

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